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Contact Us

Field Trip Coordinator
Phone: (925) 824-1832
Fax: (925) 866-0141
After Hours: (925) 570-0581
Office Hours:
8:30 am - 5:00 pm
Monday thru Friday
Transportation Department
3280 E. Crow Canyon Road
San Ramon, CA 94583
(925) 824-0264

Booking Trips

A School Trip Request form must be submitted to Transportation for all trips regardless of mode of transportation.These may be submitted via email, fax or district mail.  Please use the following instructions, taken from the School Trip Planning Guide, when completing this form.

  1. All requests for Category 1 travel (day trips within a 200-mile radius of the district) must be approved by the site Principal. The "School Trip Request" form must be completed one month prior to the trip.

  2. Requests for Category 2 school trips (overnight travel or travel beyond a 200-mile radius of the district) must be submitted on the "School Trip Request" form. This form needs to be signed by the site principal and Education Services. All arrangements, approvals and plans must be submitted and finalized a minimum of two months prior to the trip if the per student cost is less than $500 and three months prior to the trip if the per student cost is more than $500.

  3. Requests for out-of-state or international travel (Category 3) shall be submitted on the "Preliminary School Trip Approval" form. The final arrangements, approvals and plans must be submitted on the "School Trip Request" form to the site principal, then to Education Services and ultimately to the Board of Education no later than four (4) months prior to the trip if out-of-state and five (5) months prior to the trip for international travel.


Bus Trips

Once we receive your Trip Request form, we will call to confirm the details.  If you do not receive that call within 48 hours, please give us a call as that usually means we did not receive the form.

After the details are confirmed, we will send you a written quote.  If acceptable, the quote must be signed and returned in order to hold your buses for that date.  Due to limited availability, quotes for district buses are only valid for 7 days.  Quotes from our vendors are valid anywhere from 1 day to 2 weeks so please return them as soon as possible.

Private Vehicle & Walking Trips

Please include a list of students and adults going on the trip when you submit the Trip Request form.  No further action is necessary so we will not contact you regarding these trips.

Paying For Trips

District Buses

  • For trips utilizing district buses, you will be billed after the trip is completed.  This is done internally via journal entry using the account string you provide.  To ensure the proper account is charged, you MUST include the account string on each School Trip Request form.

Non-District Buses

  • For trips utilizing one of our vendors, you will need to generate a Purchase Order prior to the date of the trip.  We will send you the quote, as well as your School Trip Request form, with matching transportation stamps.  To ensure proper payment, you MUST attach both pages to your PO request as Purchasing will be looking for them.
  • Once the trip is complete and an invoice is issued, you are responsible for making sure the bill is accurate, matching the invoice with the PO and authorizing the payment.