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Contact Us

San Ramon Valley Unified School District

San Ramon Valley Unified School District
699 Old Orchard Drive
Danville, CA 94526

To "Contact Us" by department, call these phone numbers
or click on the person's name to send an e-mail.


Accounting Manager 925-552-2946 Brenda Boothe
Accounts Receivable 925-552-2903 Shannelle Sherrod
Accounts Payable (A-M)
Accounts Payable (N-Z)


Sandy Nadzam
Oudary Khamphuomy
Alternative Education, Del Amigo & Venture
(For K-5: Contact the school)


Lisa Ward

Testing (Assessment, Resource & Evaluation) 925-552-5060 Mao Vang
Athletic Eligibility and NCS Info 925-552-2916 Gabriela McVay
Attendance 925-552-2901 Julie Stuhlmacher

Benefits 925-552-2913 Mary Garcia
BTSA 925-552-2980 Carol Mahoney
Board Agenda Items 925-552-2933 Cindy Fischer
Budget (General Information)



Julie Bollenbach

Chris Russell

Bus Tickets 925-824-1823 Gigi Gines
Buses 925-824-1823 Gigi Gines
Business 925-552-2905 Sandra Corsetti

Certificated/Human Resources



Martha Drury

Yesenia Adame

Child Nutrition/Food Service

Bruce Hall

Classified/Human Resources 925-552-2953 Kim Wolkenmuth
Communication/Community Relations 925-552-2942 Elizabeth Graswich
Communication/Community Relations 925-552-2945 Meaghan Krakoff
Computer Integration (classroom)


Rae Anne Crandall
Computer Support (district employees only) 925-824-1840 Help Desk


Gabriela McVay
Curriculum 925-552-2939 Kathy Moore
Custodial Services 925-824-1819 John Hillmon

Discipline (Suspensions & Expulsions) 925-552-5052 Kathleen Warnlof
Duplicating/Print Shop 925-824-1810 Kyle Harvin

Educational Services 925-552-2914 Debbie Gluchowski
English Learner Support Services 925-479-6586

Sheri Herauf

Jen Beavers



Sandy Cattarusa

Facilities Reservations/Rentals 925-552-2962 Karen DeJesus
Flyer Approval 925-552-2945 Meaghan Krakoff
Food Services  925-824-1808 Bruce Hall

Gifted and Talented Testing (CogAT)

Gifted and Talented Program (GATE)



Hanna Ma

Cathy McSweeny

Graduation/Promotion 925-552-2914 Debbie Gluchowski

Health Education/Health Educators 925-552-5052 Kathleen Warnlof
Home and Hospital Teaching 925-552-5052 Kathleen Warnlof
Home Schooling/Independent Study 925-824-0380

Matt Chamberlain

Human Resources 925-552-2923 Adrienne Keeling

Infinite Campus 925-552-2932 Carol Zuschneid
Instructional Materials (K-5)
Instructional Materials (6-12)


Cathy McSweeney

Janet Tsuji

Keys 925-824-0267 Bill Tessendorf

Mail Room 925-824-1877 John Traylor
Maintenance and Operations 925-824-0267 Craig Cesco

Networks 925-552-2935 Evan Walcom

Payroll - Certificated



Karyn Hill

Gaylene Vecchio

Payroll - Classified




Jonathan Green

Bonnie Torre

Rosa Lopez
Phones 925-824-1878 Andy Bonner
Policies and Procedures 925-552-2933 Cindy Fischer


Jasmine Gacusan
Christine Green

QSS 925-552-2972 Julie Goto
Questions regarding schools 925-552-2914 Educational Services

Resident School Identification (website, under Schools) 925-552-5071 Locate my school
ROP (Regional Occupational Program) 925-552-2916 Gabriela McVay

Safe and Drug-Free Schools and Communities Program 925-552-5030 Kathleen Warnlof
Safety Environmental Health 925-824-1876 Oscar Vega
SRV Education Foundation (SRVEF) 925-552-2942 Elizabeth Graswich
Software (for classrooms) 925-552-5027 Rachel Lynch
Special Education/Special Programs (K-5)
Special Education/Special Programs (6-12)
Margaret Chew
Tanya Meyers
Staff Development 925-552-5032 Carol Loflin
Student Records 925-552-5042 Sandy Cattarusa
Substitutes 925-552-2931 Jan Crow

Summer School Enrollment 


Ramaa Ravi

Superintendent's Office 925-552-2933 Cindy Fischer
Technology 925-552-2951 M'Lisa Marks
Technology Help Desk (for District employees only) 925-824-1840 Help Desk
Textbooks (see Instructional Materials)    
Transfers and Diversions 925-552-5076 Sandy Cattarusa
Transportation 925-824-1823 Gigi Gines

Warehouse 925-824-0274 Darryl Corzine
Work Permits 925-552-5052 Kathleen Warnlof