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Ability Awareness Program - Elementary

Program Basics   Introduction and Program Basics

Program Planning

Supportive Activities  Click here for school-wide activities that enhance the in-class Ability Awareness Program.

Ability Awareness Elementary Program Guide

Click here  to print the entire Ability Awareness Elementary Program Guide.

CAUTION!  PRINT WITH CARE!  The guide is more than 100 pages in length.


Appendix 1  - Ability Awareness Coordinator

Appendix 2  - Ability Awareness Kit Inventory and Budget

Appendix 3  - Timeline

Appendix 4  - Sample Letters from Principal

Appendix 5  - Sample Letters from Teachers

Appendix 6  - Assembly Speakers

Appendix 7  - Volunteer Recruitment Flyer

Appendix 8  - List of Famous People With Disabilities

Appendix 9  - Sign Language Song

Appendix 10  - List of Books for Library Reading

Appendix 11  - SHHHHH Handout to Parents and Homework Sheet

Appendix 12  - Hello Lunch Sample

Appendix 13  - Teacher Feedback Survey

Appendix 14 - Student Feedback


   Letter to Principal Tool

   Sample Essay

Appendix 15 - Additional In-Class Activities

   Inclusion Activity

   Book for K & 1 Classes  "It's OK To Be Different"

   Teasing Role Play

   Rainbow of Ability