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Comprehensive School Safety Plan (CSSP)

About the Comprehensive School Safety Plan (CSSP)

The development of a comprehensive school safety plan is mandated by California Education Code 32281.  This mandate, which was established by Senate Bill 187, states that each school’s Site Council, or a Safety Planning Committee authorized by the Site Council, shall develop a “safety plan” relevant to the needs and resources of the school.  "Safety", in terms of these plans includes aspects of social, emotional, AND physical safety for both youth and adults at our schools.  In order to improve the community's knowledge of what school sites are doing regarding these areas of "safety", we are developing a searchable database where anyone in the community can search by school, activity name/type, grade level, and even one of the District's six character traits (citizenship, empathy, fairness, respect, responsibility, and trustworthiness).

If you are interested in seeing the "action plans" for school sites, please visit your school's web site and look for their "comprehensive school safety plan."