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At School:
The device is intended for use at school for learning throughout the day. Devices will be able to access new curriculum materials as well as provide opportunities for students to engage in Deep Learning and Innovation. In addition to teacher expectations for device use; curriculum, school messages, announcements, calendars, academic handbooks, student handbooks and schedules can be accessed using the device. 
Students are responsible for bringing their device to school and classes each day charged and ready for use​. Students who forget their device at home may be issued a loaner device provided by the school site. A limited number of chargers may also be available in classrooms, however, students are expected to ensure they are ready to learn using the device that has been checked out to them.
If classroom rules permit it, and the learning activity is enhanced, students will be allowed to use personal headphones with their device.
At Home:
Students in 5th through 12th grade are expected to bring their devices to school, and take them home each night throughout the school year for homework and other continued learning activities.
Students should charge their devices each night at home. Students should not carry the AC power cord and charger to school. If fully charged at home, the battery should last throughout the day. Additional chargers may be available in classrooms. Students who do not have access to the internet at home may be eligible to receive a wifi-enabled hotspot for use with their device. To request a wifi-enabled hotspot for home use, please enter a help desk ticket via the Parent IT Help site.
If the device is damaged, please submit a request to the student help desk. Students will be issued a loaner device while the damaged device is being repaired.
How to Care for Your New Device: