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In addition to Google Apps for Education, Schoology, and Seesaw (TK-1), there are other digital applications that are available to all students in the San Ramon Valley Unified School District. These tools integrate with the curriculum and serve as a resource for supporting deep learning and innovation.
Educators and students turn to Screencast-O-Matic for easy video communication.  Videos are used in the classroom for flipped/blended learning, video conversations, student assignments, feedback and more!
Edpuzzle is an easy-to-use platform where you can make any video your lesson. With just one click, you can find video lessons created by other teachers, including formative assessment! Another click and you can adapt that video by embedding your own questions or audio. With the final click, assign it to your students and get beautiful hassle-free analytics: see who watched the video, who didn't understand the lesson and who did a good job. Students can re-watch the video as many times as they need at their own pace, while you can easily check their progress from your account.
Formative is an all-in-one platform of cutting-edge features designed to help you reach every student, every time.
  • Real-time success tracking
  • Live feedback
  • Actionable insights
  • Student engagement
Pear Deck was founded by educators on a mission to help teachers engage every student, every day. With solutions rooted in active learning and formative assessment, we make it easy for you to connect with learners of every age and ability. When that happens, more students participate and learn, the classroom community improves, and you'll know you're making a difference.

PlayPosit is a web- and Chrome-based tool that lets teachers create and edit interactive video assessments from streamed or uploaded content. Teachers upload an audio file or a video from popular sites such as YouTube and Vimeo to create an interactive video or bulb.
Padlet is an application to create an online bulletin board that you can use to display information for any topic. There are seven different layouts to choose from that allow users the ability to present information in various ways, create maps, and make timelines. Easily create an account and build a new board.
Kami is an online document annotation and markup tool. You can highlight, underline, and strikethrough text in PDF and other document formats. You can also add text boxes, shapes, and images. Kami works with Google Drive and Google Classroom. With Kami, you can easily collaborate on documents in the classroom while avoiding the hassles of printing documents.
Securly is the leading solution in keeping children safe online at school and is available to guardians of students in the San Ramon Valley Unified School District. Now parents can get the same peace of mind when school devices come home. See your child’s online activity in real-time and catch up with our weekly email snapshots. From school to home, we’ve got you covered. 
Typing Club is an online program that teaches students how to type on a QWERTY keyboard. Students learn where each letter is located on the keyboard and which finger they should use to type each letter. ... There are 100 lessons you can do to practice your typing skills.
Co-Writer is a Chrome-Extension How Does Co:Writer Work? As letters are typed, Co:Writer predicts the intended word with a selection of word suggestions using powerful grammar-smart word prediction. These suggestions can be read aloud by moving the cursor over the words. Selecting the intended word places it into the built-in writing document. For feedback while writing (and after writing) built-in text to speech can be used to read letters, words, sentences, and any selected text.  If the microphone is chosen, you can speak and we'll convert your speech into text.  
Snap&Read is a Chrome Extension. It is a reading tool that reads both accessible and inaccessible text aloud, levels vocabulary, and translates, delivering usage data to teachers for assessing students' reading needs individually.
Learning Ally has the world’s largest audio textbook library with over 80,000 human-narrated books that are audio-only or VOICEtext, our unique learning solution that highlights words and sentences as students read. Students can enjoy Learning Ally books by downloading our free app Link to school computers, Chromebooks and to students’ iOS or Android smartphones or tablets.