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Dear Parents/Guardians:
Thank you for inquiring about a special education assessment for your child who is currently attending private school. Please review the information below carefully.
  • You MUST provide enrollment/residency verification to the San Ramon Valley Unified School District (“District”). To begin the process online, please click the link to move forward. 
  • In order to appropriately assess your child for special education services, we will need some important background information. This information will be shared with a school psychologist and the assessment team to determine the nature and scope of the assessment. 
After the above information has been received, the assessment team will contact you directly. If the team plans to conduct an assessment, we will provide you with an Assessment Plan that requires your signature consenting to the testing process.
Please keep in mind these important details:
  • Special education assessments for parentally-placed private school students are the responsibility of the school district where the private school is located. If your child’s private school is not located within the boundaries of SRVUSD, please contact the appropriate school district to learn more about their assessment process for private school students.
  • If your child is found eligible to receive special education services, SRVUSD will present an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) that includes an offer of services if the student enrolls in the District.
  • Private schools have no obligation to provide or implement an IEP.
  • If you do not intend on enrolling your child in SRVUSD, you would be eligible for an Individualized Services Plan (ISP) from the District. An ISP may include consultative services, parent workshops, or other limited supports to private schools and families.
For additional information, please contact Stephanie Caporusso, Private School Program Supervisor, at or (925) 552-2956.
Michelle Guidi
Michelle Guidi, Academic Assessor
Stephanie Caporusso
Stephanie Caporusso, Program Supervisor
Ryan Pickett
Ryan Pickett, School Psychologist Private School Assessments