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There are MANY programs being implemented, piloted, etc., at our 35 school sites, as we strive to make our schools safe places to learn and engage.  The following are examples of our efforts and is NOT a comprehensive list.
ES=Elementary School / MS=Middle School / HS=High School

Botvin's LifeSkills curriculum

Specifically taught in grades 6, 7 and 9. Botvin's Lifeskills is a school-based prevention program designed to reduce risk factors and enhance protective factors related to alcohol, tobacco and other drug (ATOD) use among students. Botvin's LifeSkills curriculum has a separate, developmentally appropriate curriculum for each grade level. Each curriculum builds on earlier grade levels, an instructional design which enables students to learn important skills sequentially and retain them year after year. For more information on the program, please visit their web site at Life Skills Training.

“Bullied” the video

This very powerful video, produced by the Southern Poverty Law Center as part of the Teaching Tolerance project. tells an inspiring story of a young gay man who took a stand against bullying. The District Climate Committee previewed and recommended this film to be viewed and used as a teaching tool for all SRVUSD staff. This was accomplished during the 2010 - 11 school year.

Challenge Days (HS/MS)

Challenge Day’s is a 6 1/2-hour program experience designed for 100 students and staff. The program is created to build connection and empathy, and to fulfill the vision that every child lives in a world where they feel safe, loved, and celebrated. Challenge Day's mission is to provide youth and their communities with experiential workshops and programs that demonstrate the possibility of love and connection through the celebration of diversity, truth and full expression. Several of our district secondary schools have sponsored Challenge Day events on their sites.

Character Counts (ES/MS/HS)

In collaboration with the City of San Ramon, many schools within the San Ramon Valley Unified School District are utilizing the Character Counts program to supplement their character development efforts at the site. The six “pillars”, as they are called in the Character Counts program, align very closely with the SRVUSD adopted character traits. For more information about the Character Counts program, please visit their web site at Character Counts

Guest Speakers/Assemblies (ES/MS/HS)

Parent Education opportunities - In partnership with the San Ramon Valley Council of PTAs, the District has a long and rich history of providing thoughtful parent education opportunities related to many health and safety topics, ranging from cyber bullying, to eating disorders, to drug/alcohol use, to dealing with a strong-willed child. Throughout this partnership, the PTA and District have brought in some of the country’s leading experts on topics ranging from resiliency to the 40 Developmental Assets. Visit the PTA web site for upcoming parent education opportunities.
Peer Mediator Program (MS/HS) - Several sites have established a peer mediator program designed to help students resolve their personal issues with one another through a process facilitated with the help of a trained adult staff member and student mediators.
Rachel’s Challenge (HS/MS) - The Rachel’s Challenge presentations are given in schools and communities by members of her family and other speakers, using video footage of the Columbine High School massacre and its aftermath, combined with Rachel Scott’s drawings and writings, in a campaign to quell school violence, bullying, and teen suicide. As of 2009, Rachel's Challenge has developed a team of 30 speakers addressing young people in schools and colleges worldwide about Rachel's example. The Rachel's Challenge program includes establishing Friends of Rachel clubs in schools, following the initial presentation, to sustain the campaign's goals on a long-term basis. Schools around the country have incorporated Rachel's challenge into their own clubs bringing the message to their students.  Several of our secondary schools have brought the Rachel’s Challenge program to their campuses.
Safe Space Training (HS) - The purpose of this training is to provide site personnel with a knowledge base and skill set that will enable them to support LGBT students on their campuses by creating a safe school and classroom environment. All high school staff have or will be trained in this program.

Second Step Character Development Curriculum (ES)

Second Step is a Character Development Curriculum mandated in grades K-5 in the San Ramon Valley Unified School District.  Since its district-wide adoption in the 2002-03 school year, over 250 teachers have been trained to use the program with fidelity in their classrooms and hundreds of classroom kits have been purchased and distributed to every elementary school site. The Second Step program is a science-based, research-validated, classroom-based social skills program for preschool through junior high students (4 to 14 years old). It is proven to reduce aggressive behaviors and increases children's social-emotional competence and build character.

Soul Shoppe (ES)

Several elementary schools in the San Ramon Valley utilize the curriculum, assemblies, and programs, developed by Soul Shoppe. Soul Shoppe teaches skills that promote safety and responsibility and provides activities that build community and trust.

Steps To Respect

The research-based STEPS TO RESPECT program teaches elementary students to recognize, refuse, and report bullying, be assertive, and build friendships. STEPS TO RESPECT lessons(PDF) can help kids feel safe and supported by the adults around them so that they can build stronger bonds to school and focus on academic achievement.

Student Ambassador Program (MS/HS)

The Safe School Ambassador Program (SSA) is a cadre of 35 + students recruited and trained to take action with their peers on the spot and in the moment, when potentially hurtful situations occur on campus in order to prevent and stop acts of cruelty and bullying.  Additionally, the hope is that their action will positively influence the attitudes and behaviors of others who observe their intervention.  Many of our secondary schools have the SSA program on site.

“Think Before You Speak” District Video (MS/HS)

With a desire to improve the climate on their own campus, students and staff at Charlotte Wood Middle School developed a site-based video series called “Think Before You Speak”.  Every Friday, these thought provoking videos, written and directed by students, showed students in real-life situations where people were being hurtful in the words they were using.  The situations ranged from bullying to derogatory remarks and other hurtful language.  The videos provided insight on how to defuse situations and encouraged students and staff to improve their own school environment with the phrase – “Think Before You Speak”.