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Air Quality Information

Like many surrounding districts, the SRVUSD has chosen to use to measure air quality because we believe that it provides the most accurate readings for our purposes. 

PurpleAir's numbers are measured in real time, averaged over the last 10 minutes. AirNow's numbers are based on the EPA standards and are calculated using a complex algorithm that uses longer averages during periods of stable air quality and shorter averages when air quality is changing rapidly. AirNow's sensors are state regulated and regularly maintained to ensure the quality of the data making them more reliable as compared to PurpleAir's sensors, which are sold to citizens and can be put anywhere - indoors or outdoors.

To measure smoke pollution using PurpleAir, you must make an adjustment on the app in order to get an accurate reading. Wood smoke particles are not as dense as typical particles. The resulting AQI from PurpleAir is inaccurately high because of the way they measure particles. 

When looking for the AQI on in your area, use their Interactive Map rather than their front-page tool.

Decisions about Air Quality levels and school activities in the SRVUSD are normalized on a chart that is provided to every SRVUSD school site and very much aligns with what our partners in education use to make their decisions.

Additionally, the SRVUSD has upgraded filtration systems in all of our facilities. We use MERV 13 systems. MERV 13 systems filter out both viruses and wildfire PM2.5 smoke particles. Setting those systems on recirculate protects the air in our facilities.

air quality chart
Current Air Quality
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