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Name: Miguel Villarreal
Title: Director, Child Nutrition and Warehouse
Phone: 925-824-1806

Name: Belinda McDaniel
Title: Department Secretary
Phone: 925-824-1808

Name: Janell Jayes
Title: Supervisor/ Procurement & Logistics Specialist
Phone: 925-824-1809

Name: Mary Mathieu-Ruiz
Title: Area Supervisor/ Nutritionist
Phone: 925-824-1836

  Name: Lisa White
Title: Area Supervisor
Phone: 925-824-1807


Child Nutrition Central

Welcome to the San Ramon Valley Unified School District Child Nutrition Department!  In the SRVUSD, our child nutrition team believes in the philosophy of food equity; that all children have the right to equal access to healthy food in our communities. We also believe now more than ever, during this unprecedented time, in providing every student the healthiest, freshest and most affordable food options as a way to improve their immune system and their fight against COVID-19.

As we address the current challenges of the complex food systems in our industry and work towards improved food options, we will collaborate and partner at opportune times with students, parents, staff and community groups.  Our team understands the impact our purchasing decisions can have on student health, the environment, animals and our planet.  The team also knows that through collective efforts with everyone, we can have a positive influence on the food system as a whole.  

Thank you for your trust in our Child Nutrition team and our plans to provide your students with safe, quality, healthy food during this year's "Grab & Go" curbside service.   Our success is your success!  We are all in this together.  Return to this webpage often for the latest updates.

Free Breakfasts and Lunches Through December 31.