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Name: Zetta Reicker
Title: Director, Child Nutrition and Warehouse
Phone: 925-824-1806

Name: Belinda McDaniel
Title: Department Secretary
Phone: 925-824-1808

Name: Janell Jayes
Title: Supervisor/ Procurement & Logistics Specialist
Phone: 925-824-1809

Name: Mary M Ruiz
Title: Area Supervisor/ Nutritionist
Phone: 925-824-1836

  Name: Lisa White
Title: Area Supervisor
Phone: 925-824-1807


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Child Nutrition

Meals at No Cost for All Students

Families do not need to sign up or register to receive free meals at school.  

We are still encouraging families to continue to complete the Meal (Income) Application form because it could provide additional money and services for their family and the school district. Find out more here Annual Meal (Income) Application

Hurray! No more messy lunch boxes. No more last minute packing of lunches. Stretch your family budget farther. 

We are excited to announce this school year, SRVUSD will be transitioning from a school meal program based on family income to a program which allows any student wanting a meal to have one provided to them at no cost. 

This program is being offered to students and school districts throughout the state of California as part of the National School Lunch Program and School Breakfast Program. Parents can save time and money, while also feeling good knowing their children will have good nutritious meals. School meals are also an opportunity for children to have a hot lunch and to try new things. 

Read more information about the new change here.


What are the new changes this year? 

  • Students attending schools on campus will have access to lunch and at some schools, breakfast, at no cost. 

  • Students who are attending the Virtual Academy can also access meals at no cost at a school to be determined soon.  Please check back to find out which days and times meals will be available. 

  • Kindergarteners will have access to lunch at no cost, along with all other students.

  • Middle & High Schools will offer a Grab N Go brunch during a morning  passing period.         

What can you expect this fall?

  • We expect a significant increase in the number of students having lunch, however, the actual number will not be known until after the first few weeks of school. To account for this increase, additional meals as well as back up meals will be on hand. 

  • The program will continually improve over the school year, ideally as COVID restrictions continue to be lifted, additional staffing is hired, and food supplier shortages catch up. The most important thing you can do is to encourage your child to participate in the program. The more students eating school lunch, the better the program will become. 

What is served for school lunch and breakfast? 

  • Our lunch menu offers a variety of hot and cold entrées, along with fresh fruit, vegetables, and white milk. 

  • At Elementary Schools and Middle Schools, one or two entrée choices are served daily. A couple days a week the menu features meals which have been freshly prepared within the last 24 hours. 

  • At High Schools, our menu features freshly prepared pizza from a local pizzeria, as well as a daily salad and two other entrées. 

  • To start the school year, salad bars will be closed and all entrées are either individually wrapped or will come in a sealed container. 

  • A Grab N Go Brown Bag Brunch  will be offered at Middle and High Schools during a  morning passing period. 

  • Kindergarten students can also have meals at no cost. Parents of Kindergarten students can pick up lunch after the student has been released from school. Lunch will then be taken home for consumption. Kinder students do not need to be present to receive lunch. Kindergarten students attending the after-school program, Kid’s County, will be taken through the cafeteria line with Kid’s County staff. Kinder parents should contact the Principal and/or Child Nutrition staff to find out the details for Kinder lunch pick up. 

Free Meals for All Students
Free Meals to All Students
National Farm to School Network
National Farm to School Network