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Climate Committee

The District Climate Committee was formed in 2001 at the request of the Board of Education.  The purpose of the committee, which is comprised of district staff, students, and community members is to serve as a district resource and support in creating a positive climate on all San Ramon Valley Unified School District campuses.  The committee meets quarterly to discuss current climate issues at the site and district levels, analyze and discusses climate data to inform our practices,  shares appropriate resources, learns and studies together and creates and endorses district initiatives that support positive school climate.

All secondary schools have established their own site climate committees in order to effectively identify site specific climate issues and to develop appropriate strategies to deal with them.  These site committees are linked to the district’s committee and have representative membership.  Site committee members include staff, students and in some cases, parents.  District climate efforts are linked closely with site character development programs as well as other related community and district educational opportunities.  District and site climate issues and interventions continually evolve as new data is collected and analyzed annually to inform and improve our ongoing efforts.

Student Engagement and Connectedness Survey – Grades 4-12

Each February, the SRVUSD Climate Committee conducts a survey of all 4-12 grade students to gather data about how students feel about their school environment. The information is used by school sites when developing their Comprehensive School Safety Plans and help inform site level and district decision-making. The links below will provide you with access to the "student engagement and connectedness surveys" for each grade span.