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Community Advisory Committee


Our first meeting will be held virtually on August 26, 2021.

(Meeting link is in the agenda)

8/26/21 Agenda

If you would like to become a member, please complete the application form below:

CAC Application Form

To learn more about CAC, please visit our website.

Welcome to Special Education

Welcome to Special Education

Under the direction of SELPA Executive Director, Linda Rowley Thom, Special Ed Director, Amy Capurro, and Asst. Director, Kate Nolda, the special education department develops and implements effective programs, uniquely designed for individual students.  In addition, the department provides a variety of staff development opportunities for classified and certificated professionals.  Program Supervisors oversee special education programs at all levels.

We are located at:
SRVUSD Main Office
699 Old Orchard Dr, Portable D,
Danville, CA 94526
Phone Number:  925-552-2988


SELPA Special Education Staff

Linda Rowley Thom
SELPA Executive Director

Linda Rowley Thom

Executive Secretary -  Jenny Olden 
(925) 552-2988


Amy Capurro
Director of Special Education
Amy Capurro
(925) 552-5996

Executive Secretary -  Jenny Olden 
(925) 552-2988


Kate Nolda
Asst. Director of Special Education

(925) 552-2988

Executive Secretary -  Jenny Olden 
(925) 552-2988


Program Supervisors

Stephanie Caporusso

Steph C
(925) 552-2956


David Futterman
(925) 552-5043


Jennie Kordes

Jennie K
(925) 552-5015

County Office of Education


Michelle Leavitt
(925) 552-5066


Kari Straface

(925) 552-5012

Infant/Preschool Program

Request for Special Ed Records

Click the link below to request your child's special education records.

Student Records Request

 You may also submit your request by email to Fabiola Ambrosino at:  

Org. Chart

Click on the link below to view the Special Education Department Organizational Chart


Parent Survey of IEP Meeting Experience

Please give us your input on this confidential, seven question survey about the experience you had at your last IEP meeting.  The survey will help us improve the IEP experience for you.  Thank you for your time.

Please participate in the survey.


For questions on WorkAbility, please contact: 

Susan Frankel

Noralyn Giles -