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Coronavirus Update
Posted 1/31/20

We are aware that the outbreak of the coronavirus is causing an increased level of concern for our community, and we wanted to let you know that the SRVUSD continues to monitor developments surrounding this illness and its implications for our students and staff.  


We remain in close contact with the Contra Costa County Office of Education and with the Department of Public Health, and are aligned with other school districts in the region so that we are prepared should there be a need for action. At this time, residents in Contra Costa County are still considered low-risk for this virus, and there are no warnings or restrictions that impact our schools. 


The SRVUSD Illness Guidelines found on our website provides helpful information about when to keep a student home for reasons of illness. Please read, become familiar with, and adhere to this important information.


We would like to remind everyone to remain diligent in your commitment to consider those around you by staying home if you are sick, but additionally, to remain respectful of all students and staff by refraining from speculation about who may or may not pose an increased risk. As we said, the District receives its direction from the agencies who are charged with monitoring this virus and its implications as a public health threat.


We urge you to check the Contra Costa County Department of Health website or the Center for Disease Control website for the most up to date information from public health agencies.  As always, the safety of our staff and students is our highest priority. We will continue to update you as information becomes available.