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Fund Education Now Letter to the Community
Posted 2/4/20


This week, the SRVUSD is proud to be participating in the launch of a community-wide effort that brings together Contra Costa County students, educators, staff, school board members, parents and superintendents to raise awareness about the need to bring adequate funding to California public education. During the week of February 3-7, we will be providing you with information about school funding with the intended outcome that we will begin to develop a more informed community that is willing to engage in simple actions that can have a big impact.


In the SRVUSD, we are fortunate to live in a community that values public education. We need your help to motivate our legislators to commit to restoring California to its place of greatness as one of the best-funded public school systems in the nation. Our students deserve nothing less. 


As you may be aware, by all measures, public schools in California are woefully underfunded and understaffed. California consistently falls to the bottom half of the States in many areas that affect our ability to support each and every student. Lack of funding for adequate resources may be putting an entire generation of students at risk. 


The slight, incremental increases in funding to education that California has seen in the last two years have not kept up with the drastic rising costs that districts face from increased pension contributions, cost increases in health care, utilities and infrastructure, etc. and so have had little impact on school districts’ ability to serve their students.


Throughout this week, please join us in our efforts to raise awareness by participating in our simple calls to action, which could include an activity at your school site, placing a call to an elected official or simply by sharing our social media posts. Get involved to be part of the solution. 

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