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SRVUSD Remote Learning Continuity Plan
Posted 4/9/20

As we near the end of Spring Break, we want to update you on the next phase of our Remote Learning Continuity Plan.  We know this is a challenging time for our students, staff and parents, and it is our hope that we remain connected and together as an educational community for as long as it takes to return students to our schools. This communication contains important information for parents and students about the next phase of our learning plan. Please read the whole communication so that students get off on the right foot as we enter into this next phase of teaching and learning.


Remote learning during the fourth quarter will focus on new learning, which will prepare students to advance to their next grade level or course. It will also help to maintain the connections between staff and students, and meet the social-emotional needs of our students.  Students will engage in a variety of learning experiences, differing by subject and grade level, designed by each teacher. Work will be completed independently on a flexible schedule in order to meet the varying needs of families during this time. 


Here is what parents and families can expect beginning Monday, April 13:

  • Teachers will provide curriculum, lessons, and new online material starting Wednesday, April 15th at 9 a.m.

  • Student lessons for all grade levels for Monday, April 13th and Tuesday, April 14th will be accessed through the district website. You will receive an email from your Principal on Monday, April 13th with details on those lessons. On these two days, teachers will be engaged in specialized training on remote learning. 

  • Our Remote Learning Continuity Plan webpages contain an overview of this plan and additional resources to help guide parents and students through remote learning. You may also read more about this plan here

  • Every teacher will hold virtual office hours during which students can get individualized help, support and intervention during each week of instruction.  Teachers will inform you of their schedule and format for these office hours through their weekly updates. 

  • Teachers will continue to engage in online training surrounding effective remote learning practices throughout the fourth quarter.

  • Teachers will provide individual feedback on student progress throughout the fourth quarter for both elementary and secondary students. For final semester reporting, middle and high school students will receive either a ‘Pass’ or a ‘No Mark.’ Students must receive a ‘Pass’ in order to receive credit for a course.

  • Third quarter progress report grades will be published to Infinite Campus on Friday, April 10th for middle and high school students.  It is important to note that third quarter grades are not, and have never been, part of a student record or transcript and are solely intended as feedback on student learning.

  • The IEP process will be restarted and will continue for the remainder of the school year.  IEP procedures will be shared with affected families by Wednesday, April 15th.

  • If parents of students who receive special education services have questions or concerns about the IEP process, we encourage them to reach out to their case managers, Program Supervisors, our parent liaison Christine Koehne, and/or site parent representatives from the Exceptional Education Committee.

  • Questions about individual student progress and class curriculum should be directed to teachers via email or the online platform the teacher is using.  We anticipate a higher volume of electronic communication during this time, so please be patient, as response times may be longer. 

  • If you've already requested a device and have not yet picked it up, please come to Iron Horse Middle School on Wednesday, April 15th from 2 p.m.- 5 p.m. and a device will be distributed to you.

  • Grab-n-Go Meal Service will resume Monday, April 13th. 

Remote learning is not intended to wholly replace in-classroom instruction. It is designed to deliver essential learning for students so that they may successfully advance in courses.   

The SRVUSD Remote Learning Continuity Plan was developed in conjunction with similar school districts throughout the Bay Area and incorporates the many federal and state guidelines necessary to ensure equity and access for all of our students.  While many of us have heard rumors of what other districts’ programs may look like, our collaboration with high-performing districts in the region has shown that almost all districts are providing similarly flexible and independent learning. 


As we go forward, please be sure to read your district emails and to check our website regularly for updates.  We have also assembled this page of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) which has more detail on the above topics, including grading and assessment.  In the meantime, please do not hesitate to reach out for support for your student. We hope you and your family are staying healthy.