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Message from the SRVUSD Board of Education
Posted 6/12/20

Dear SRVUSD Staff and Parents/Guardians,


The Board of Education wanted to acknowledge all of the emails that we have been receiving about a full time return to school in the fall, and to let you know that we are reading all of them and considering the input, along with the input from all of the other avenues that we have made available to the community to provide feedback. We especially want to thank everyone who has written to us for your interest and concern for the well being of students in the San Ramon Valley Unified School District.  Your feedback is critical to our process this summer.  As we go through this summer together, please make sure to visit our Reopening Together website which will allow you to review the process outlined in the Reopening Together Communication Plan, keep updated, provide continued input and join us in our planning for Fall, 2020.  


We appreciate that many in our community would like to see students return safely to their classrooms in as traditional a manner as possible.  We all want what is best for our students, and we know that students thrive when they are in a classroom with their teachers.  At this point, we are considering all options for Fall, 2020 including a full time, five day per week return to school, a full time remote learning approach and a combination in-person / remote learning (hybrid) approach. However, like all school districts in California, we must consider many factors in our planning, including recommendations, mandates, directives and guidelines from the California Department of Education and from the Contra Costa County Department of Public Health, who are typically in alignment with the six Bay Area counties.  Staff actively participates in conversations with these agencies and always advocates for the needs of our students during these calls.


Please also understand that we, as a Board, listen to all of our stakeholders with fidelity.  While there is significant passion about returning our students to school full time in the fall, another significant portion of our community has expressed a desire for a hybrid learning model or a fully remote learning model.  Next week, you will be able to see the results of our initial survey where you will get a better picture of our entire community’s feedback.  Additionally, this topic will be on the agenda for discussion at the SRVUSD Board of Education meeting on June 23 at 7 p.m. however, a final decision will not be made at this meeting.  




Your SRVUSD Board of Education Members

Greg Marvel

Mark Jewett

Susanna Ordway

Ken Mintz

Rachel Hurd