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Message to Parents from Dr. Malloy 10/20/2020
Posted 10/20/20


I really want to thank you for engaging in this next phase of our reopening process. I know you are under a great deal of pressure right now and I recognize that your passion is fueled by your commitment to your kids and wanting the best for them and their education. I want to reassure you that we share this passion.


The messages that we are hearing the most around the two models for reopening - hybrid, in-person and full remote are:

  • I want to keep my teacher

  • I want the quality of instruction in remote learning to remain high

  • I need to understand more about hybrid instruction and health and safety protocols before I can make a decision

  • I am worried about my child’s social emotional well-being

  • I want my child to return to school now or as soon as possible


I need you to know that many people share common concerns and, prior to having to declare, we are going to be sending you information that will address all of these concerns and more.  We are waiting to send this declaration to you until we are able to provide all of this important information.


We are still on track with our goal of bringing General Education Students, who so choose, back on campus for hybrid, in-person instruction on January 5, 2021. Phase 1 of our SDC students who have chosen to return to in-person learning will be back on our campuses beginning one week from today. We are ready for their safe return and are working with staff this week to be sure that everyone is in a good place and on the same page with protocols and procedures in this new environment.  We are also committed to providing an effective remote learning program.


You may be hearing rumblings about negotiations out in the community. Regardless of what you might be hearing, from my perspective, things continue to be positive.  I have shared with the Board of Trustees and with you that if all negotiations are not finished by November 1, I will be very candid about the reasons.  Until then, I ask for your patience while we work through this process.  At this point, we are meeting our timelines to open for Special Day Classes this month and next and for all students on January 5, 2021.


In the next two weeks, we will be spending time engaging with staff and students through interactive focus groups and meetings. In fact, we are holding small group meetings with over 150 students at the end of this week so that we can hear directly from them what they are thinking and feeling.


With so much going on, I will continue to communicate with you regularly to keep you informed. Thank you for your engagement.