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SRVUSD Weekly Update 10/29/2020
Posted 11/2/20


Our path to reopening is continuing.  I wanted to provide some highlights from our recent Board meeting on October 27.


From the outset, I want to stress that throughout this process and for the duration of this most unusual time, the Board of Education has set an unwavering goal of ensuring our students receive high quality instruction without compromising our obligation to follow guidelines issued by Contra Costa Health Services. This is true for both the in-person hybrid and the full remote options. 


Passions run deep around the topic of reopening. People have strong opinions, and I am glad you have felt comfortable sharing your divergent points of view with us. We understand that our families may want different things, however the decisions we have made focus on all students in SRVUSD.


The great news is that we have worked effectively and collaboratively with our union partners and our administration to move things forward in a positive manner while we implement our reopening plan.


We have begun in-person programming for students in our Special Day Class Program (SDC) this past Tuesday, October 27.  We will be inviting more of our students in the SDC program on November 17th. We are grateful to all of our staff who have made this happen. Most importantly, as I visited school sites this week, it was great to see students on campus again.


Please know that we are on track to achieve our commitments on January 5, 2021.


Beginning in January 


Effective January 5, 2021: 

  • Full Remote Learning will be offered for families who feel this is the right choice for their child and for their circumstance. 

  • In-Person Hybrid Learning will be offered TK -12 for those who want their students to return to in-person and in-class instruction.

We heard loudly and clearly that parents want to be sure that both the full remote and the in-person hybrid options are as effective as possible, which is why (for the most part) we are not combining these programs. 


The remote program will remain the same, which is so very important to the many parents who shared their perspective.

The hybrid model will be the equivalent of 2 days a week in person, one day per week of synchronous remote learning and 2 days of asynchronous time.  We understand that some parents are concerned about asynchronous time.  We will support our staff to provide effective asynchronous learning opportunities for our students.

The reason we need to use a hybrid model for in-person learning is because of the physical distancing requirements from Contra Costa Health Services.  When these requirements are lifted we can return to 5 days of in-person learning.




We will ask families to declare the option that is right for their student(s). We have moved up the declaration date. We will provide all necessary information to address your questions and concerns prior to making your declaration.

  • Declarations will be issued on November 6 and will be due to the district no later than November 13. 

  • More information about the declaration process will follow next week.

  • We will hold a town hall meeting prior to declarations being submitted.

  • We will support our principals to provide opportunities at the school level where you may ask questions and gain understanding.

  • Your declaration decision is binding for the remainder of the 2020-21 school year. The reason for this is that any further changes could cause large scale disruptions once again.  We will create a waitlist if someone wishes to change their declaration, but we cannot promise that we will be able to accommodate change requests.


Schedule Disruptions


We understand that the majority of students and their families do not wish to  see any changes to their teachers or staff members on January 5, 2021.  Unfortunately, this may not be avoided.  We will do what we can to minimize interruptions.  Please note that we cannot afford to hire additional teachers when we make changes on January 5, which is why classes may change based upon your declaration.  Please note that we will work with you and your child(ren) to make any transitions as smooth as possible.  It is also important to note that we will need to receive your declaration, first, before we begin the process of determining staffing for each class. 


View the Board Presentation


View the October 27, 2020 Board of Education Meeting


You can follow our reopening progress by visiting our Dashboard. The Dashboard is an easy-access visual representation of our progress. Detailed information about the Dashboard tasks is also available for viewing. Both can be found anytime on our Reopening Dashboard webpage. Additionally, we continue to update our Guide to Reopening, which is also on our website.


As we move forward, you have my promise that we will work together to support all stakeholders in these challenging times and through this collaboration we will successfully support our students.