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SRVUSD Declaration Process | FAQ Clarification
Posted 11/9/20

As you know, the instructional model declaration forms for your students are due back no later than this Friday, November 13th. We understand that this is an important decision and that you need accurate information to make this decision effectively.  This week, your principal will be facilitating opportunities for you to ask questions and think about whether you will select the full remote or an in-person hybrid model. Until then, we wanted to provide answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we received this weekend. 


We hope that these answers assist you with your decision-making. As I have said repeatedly, I wish we could meet everyone's wishes in this process; however this is impossible. You will need to make the best decision for your child(ren) and your family.  Though the remote program and the hybrid program are different, we will be sure that they are both effective.  


Q. I do not understand the hybrid model and the concept of asynchronous time. Is the hybrid model going to be less instructional time with the teacher?


  1. Both the remote and hybrid models will provide students with direct instructional time and will have an asynchronous component. Asynchronous learning involves the students tending to lessons and assignments without the teacher present. Please refer to this document which outlines how asynchronous time will work in the hybrid model. Please note that the teacher may use video conferencing on the asynchronous days (in secondary schools) and they may choose other strategies that do not require video conferencing.  The different strategies are all considered instructional time.


Q. I do not understand how to answer the technology question on the Declaration Form. Why was I asked about my child’s technology needs if they are going to be an in-person hybrid learner?


  1. All students need access to technology, whether in the remote or hybrid program. Having access to technology in the hybrid model does not mean that students will be on screen for the entire time like they are in the remote model. 


For purposes of completing the question on the declaration form, all you need to do is clarify your current device status for us. We are confirming through this question that all students have access to technology:

  • If your student currently has a personal device that is not viable for use in the classroom, please indicate on the form that you need a device. 

  • If your student currently has a District-issued device that needs attention in order to be viable for use in a classroom, please submit a work order. 


We will have charging stations available in classrooms, as well as extra devices that students can borrow in class, if needed. Shared devices will be sanitized between users. 


Q. Will students who choose the full remote option be allowed to participate in co-curricular and/or extracurricular activities? 


  1. Yes. Any student, whether fully remote or hybrid, can participate in co-curricular and extracurricular activities. Such activities include, but are not limited to: athletics, dance, band, drama, and clubs. Information on these activities will be communicated directly from the school site. If you need additional information, please contact the athletic director, coach, club advisor or site administration.


Q. Why do I have to declare before I know what my teacher is doing?


  1. The results of the declaration forms drive this next phase of our work.  We will organize our staff in response to what our parents are requesting.  Please do not assume that if a certain percentage of the class chooses one option over another that this will guarantee that your teacher will not change.  


We are engaging our staff in a process to determine whether they need medical accommodation or whether they need to teach remotely for other compassionate reasons.  No final decisions have been made regarding staff assignments.  Please make the best decision for you and your child(ren) and we will be sure to support this transition if any changes need to be made. Please note that our Principals will do everything they can to listen to the perspectives of our parents; however, the decisions they need to make regarding teacher assignments are final.  This is the only way we will be ready for January 5, 2021.


Q. Which classes are considered a specialized elective in middle and high school (which means that the hybrid cohort and the remote cohort will be taught together with video conferencing)?


  1. Specialized electives are classes that must be taught by teachers with specific credentials. If there are limited teachers at a school who have these credentials, then the class is considered a specialized elective. Your principal would be in the best position to communicate which classes in your school would be considered specialized electives.


Q. What will happen if COVID cases increase in January? Will I be able to change to remote?  


  1. We are opening for in-person hybrid instruction on January 5, 2021 unless the state or county directs the Board otherwise. We will be sure all appropriate health and safety measures are in place. If you have chosen the hybrid model, then you will need to remain in the hybrid model unless there is an opening in the remote program in your school or in another school.  We will keep a wait list, but we cannot promise that we can accommodate a different request that is submitted after November 13, 2020.


If we are ordered to remain closed on Jan. 5, 2021, we will be able to re-open more quickly whenever we are permitted to do so because we will have already determined who wishes to return to in-person hybrid instruction and who wishes to remain remote.  Further, if physical distancing requirements are relaxed, students in the hybrid model will be able to return to full time, in-person instruction. 


Q. How will my child(ren) learn if they are in the hybrid program and need to isolate for 2 weeks?


  1. If students need to be away from school due to the requirement to isolate or quarantine, teachers will use different strategies to support the student's learning.  Students will remain with their current class and teacher and will participate in asynchronous learning. Teachers will check in with students throughout the time they are away. 


Please refer to our Decision Tree for more information.


Q. Why do we need to start in-person learning in a hybrid model? If 50% of my child's class wishes to remain remote, why can't the rest of the class return to school five days a week?

  • Contra Costa Public health has clarified that students must remain 4 to 6 feet apart. 

  • We have measured all of our classrooms and we can accommodate an average of 15 students in each classroom (4-6 feet apart). 

  • Our staffing ratios are based upon specific numbers. 

  • We will be adjusting classes aligned with our collective bargaining agreements.This is the reason there may be changes to your child(ren)'s teacher(s).

  • For example, our class size maximum in 5th grade is 32 students. If we had a hybrid class of 15 students, we would need to have a remote class of 48 students, which is not possible.


Answers to further questions can be found on our website Declaration Information page. After looking for answers to your questions on the Declaration Information page, if you still need assistance, please contact your site principal. Thank you for your attention to this very important matter this week.