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SRVUSD Newsletter 02/19/2021
Posted 2/19/21

We want to thank everyone involved in bringing more of our hybrid students back to campus this week. We had another successful week. We are strictly adhering to safety protocols and in-person is going well. 


We have some information that we think will be of interest to you.


Senate Bill/Assembly Bill 86 (SB/AB 86)

You may be hearing of talks in Sacramento about SB/AB 86. SB/AB 86 represents a compromise between the California Senate and Assembly about in-person learning. Ultimately, one bill or the other (SB 86 or AB 86) will need to be passed by budget committees and the full Assembly and Senate before it is officially presented to the Governor for consideration. It is unclear, as of now, whether the Governor agrees with the language in the proposal.


What it Means to SRVUSD:

There is no proposal in SB/AB 86 that SRVUSD is not currently in the process of completing or has not already completed. We will continue to move forward with our current plans, as we are in complete alignment with talks as of now. More information on this will be coming soon. We will update you as we learn more.


Read More About SB/AB 86


SRVUSD Summer School

SRVUSD is planning summer school for our students. We have developed a preliminary proposal so that our families can plan their summer calendars. Information is subject to change based on the State. We will  keep you informed. 


Summer School Information


High School Athletics

This morning, the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) came out with guidance on high school athletics. We are still interpreting the guidance. What we know is that the guidance applies to youth indoor/outdoor and adult recreational sports. It goes into effect on February 26, 2021. 


What it Means to SRVUSD Athletes:

All sports in the guidance are categorized and permitted according to the county tiers. The guidance allows for spectators. Outdoor High- and Moderate- Contact sports can be played under specific conditions when the adjusted case rate is equal to or less than 14 per 100,000. As of today, 2/19/21, Contra Costa County’s adjusted rate is 14.4/100,000. If rates continue to decline as they have been, we expect to be within the permitted range by the time the guidance goes into effect. Competition is not expected to stop if the adjusted county rates exceed 14/100,000 after competition has begun.


We will continue to provide more information as it becomes available.


Read the Complete Guidance Document


Grades 7-12 Return to In-person

The SRVUSD continues to look for a path forward.  In the immediate future, we are waiting for the county to move back to the red tier, which we hope will be sometime in March. Five days after we enter the red tier, we will bring back our 7- 12 grade hybrid students.  Though the state holds the authority for this requirement, we do understand how important it is for our students to be back on campus. We are ready for our students who chose hybrid to return to campus!  


Fall  2021

In the longer term, we are planning for fall 2021. We know that you need more information about fall. We are committed to get our students back to school full time, five days a week while following all safety requirements;  however, please note that we are expected to follow California Department of Public Health Guidance surrounding physical distancing.  We are working on creative strategies and different scenarios and we are learning from other jurisdictions.  We will also provide a remote option for those who require it.  We will share further details soon.


End of Year Activities

As the end of the year approaches, we are focusing our efforts on providing creative options that provide opportunities for all students to celebrate their work. These discussions are happening on our campuses supported by our district team.  With an eye on consistency, and honoring site-specific traditions and cultures, staff is developing solutions that will be communicated soon.


Thank you for your ongoing support of the important work that we continue to do.