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SRVUSD Newsletter 8/20/2021
Posted 8/20/21

The school year is officially up and running and we already see amazing things happening at the school sites. We have had some challenges, but we are aware of the issues and we are working on solutions. Please read through this communication to see some of the solutions that we have put in place recently to assist our community.


What’s Happening Around the District



Check out some of the happy school reopening images from around our District! Also, a shorter version of our Welcome Back video will soon be shown as a movie preview in each of the ten theaters at the LOT Cinema in San Ramon’s City Center. Thank you Bishop Ranch for partnering with us!





The SRVUSD CareLine (formerly known as Catapult Anonymous Tipline) is a resource available to all students and staff to submit a report if they feel unsafe, for any reason, on our campuses.


Very soon, posters will pop up all around school campuses with a QR Code that anyone can scan to access the CareLine to alert the District of an issue, report acts of hate or discrimination, bullying or threats. SRVUSD CareLine can also be accessed by clicking on the Badge on the homepage of every school website. 


Reports are confidential and can be submitted anonymously. When you submit a report, it is immediately received by a response team and is investigated. The reporter is informed of the outcome.


Water Access at School Sites



We are pleased to inform you that water has been turned on at all school site drinking fountains and faucets. In order to ensure that all students have water when they need it, please consider:

  • Bringing a refillable water bottle to school each day

  • Filling water bottles when in a classroom with a sink

    • All elementary classrooms have sinks

    • Many secondary classrooms have sinks, such as science classrooms

  • Filling water bottles at off-peak times to avoid waiting in line


It is important to note that water at the school sites comes from the same sources --- the local water utility --- whether accessed from a sink, a drinking fountain, or a bottle-filling station.  Dating back to 2016 and continuing since, on a regular cycle, we proactively conduct in-house sampling of water flow from the fixtures at all sites, monitoring lead levels and other variants. Our standard is even more careful than the maximum allowable level of lead in drinking water. Students and staff should take advantage of every opportunity, regardless of the source, to keep those water bottles full!


If you experience any problems with water at your site, please contact the principal.


Schoology Help Sessions Coming Soon!



By this time, just about everyone should have been able to log in and see their student’s information and courses on Schoology. *If you have not been able to log in, please see this presentation. 


The move to Schoology eliminated the need for multiple platforms and we are excited for all of our students and families to begin to see all of the functionality and features that Schoology offers.


In the next few weeks, we have planned opportunities for families to learn more about how to use Schoology: 


  1. We will hold two Districtwide Schoology training webinars:

Tuesday, August 31st, at 5:00 p.m. Link to webinar

Tuesday, September 7th, at 10:00 a.m. Link to webinar


  1. The Schoology liaison at each school site will hold a one hour parent help session during the first two weeks of September. Your site will communicate the dates and times for those sessions.  


  1. The Schoology Liaison at each school site will hold office hours in September. Specific hours will be communicated by the school site.


*We are aware of the issues some parents are experiencing when a previous Schoology account needs to be linked or deactivated. We are sorry for the inconvenience and are working with Schoology on a resolution.


If you need help with Schoology, please contact Educational Services (925) 552-5071.


Covid-19 Testing Resources



The SRVUSD has arranged for access to Covid -19 testing for all interested students, staff members, families and community members.  


Beginning on Tuesday, August 24th, testing will be available at the SRVUSD Education Center every Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon. With adequate demand, access will continue every Tuesday and Wednesday, and will expand if warranted. 


Covid Testing


You must sign up in advance by following the instructions posted on our website.   


For an additional testing option, Contra Costa County is providing testing without an appointment at their drive thru location in Bishop Ranch.

Address: 2600 Camino Ramon, San Ramon

Testing hours: Mon-Fri, 8 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. Walk-ins without appointment accepted until 2:30 p.m.

You can also Schedule online


We know that there are some questions about masking and quarantine options. We would like to clarify that we are following all of the county guidance. 


Some of the confusion has to do with quarantine options for unvaccinated students. While masking outdoors is not a requirement, the county tells us that when a student does not wear a mask outdoors and is identified as a close contact, it changes their options for purposes of quarantine. By being unmasked, even though it is outside, students do not qualify for a modified quarantine (can continue to attend school as long as they are asymptomatic, continue to mask, undergo testing and quarantine for 10 days from extracurricular activities). They may qualify for a shortened quarantine (return to school after 7 days instead of 10, with a negative test result). To qualify for a modified quarantine, the student must be masked, even outdoors.


So, while it is not required, there is an advantage to keeping your mask on outdoors. 


In order to support our students remaining in school as quickly and as safely as possible, we are currently exploring the option of providing access to rapid testing at school sites. We will bring you further information as soon as possible.


Air Quality Issues



As air quality issues continue throughout our state due to the recent wildfires, rest assured that we are doing everything we can to ensure that school continues to be the safest place for students, even within a Covid environment. We have a dedicated page on our website which outlines the air quality index we use and how we care for students when outside air quality becomes an issue. Visit our website for more information. 


SRVUSD One to One Device Initiative



This year, the SRVUSD is excited to implement a one-to-one technology initiative. We all recognize the essential role that devices played in remote learning last year. This year, we are pleased to provide one portable device for each student to use during the school year to access deep learning opportunities in their classrooms and at their school sites. 


The district will be providing all devices needed for school use, and students are asked to only use district-provided devices while at school. Using district-provided devices while at school will ensure that students can easily access wifi/internet portals, printers, technology support, and district platforms/websites.  


School sites are in the process of distributing devices and chargers. Devices will be distributed according to the plan below:

  • Grade TK through Grade 1: One iPad per student for classroom use.

  • Grade 2 through Grade 4:  One Google Chromebook per student for classroom use.

  • Grade 5 through Grade 7: One Google Chromebook assigned for school and home use for those three years.

  • Grade 8 through Grade 12: One Google Chromebook assigned for school and home use for those five years


For more information about the one-to-one initiative, please visit our website.


Student Work During Quarantine



The educators of the SRVUSD are committed to supporting the continuing educational needs of all students in the event that they must quarantine due to Covid-19. By providing access to the support, curriculum and instructional materials necessary, students can continue their work while they wait to return to in-person learning. 


Each classroom situation is unique and each teacher will provide support in the best way for their students. 


In all cases:

  • Teachers will communicate directly with parents or students about how they will receive their work, and how to access support and help. 

  • Support will be provided in one of the following two ways:

  1. The teacher will reach out to provide instructional material either through hard copy and/or access to content through Schoology to complete.

  2. Teachers may provide video conferencing to provide access to live instruction and will communicate to those classes where this will occur.

  • All educators, including general education and special education teachers and related service providers will provide support, and be accessible and responsive to the needs of their students who are required to quarantine.

  • When a teacher and the whole class are required to quarantine, the teacher or a substitute will teach the class remotely. 

    • Devices will be provided. Please go to the school office to pick up a device.


The protocols described above are aligned with the surrounding districts and private schools in our area. We want to reassure you that we are engaged in an ongoing collaborative process with our staff on this topic and are very committed to our students and their opportunities for success. We will continue to work collaboratively with staff to strengthen the process in order to continue to serve students in the best way possible.


Should a student be required to quarantine, please watch for email(s) with instructions on how to proceed. If you have questions about education while in quarantine, please contact your child’s teacher. 


In Conclusion



Staff, students, families and the entire education community should take great pride in the launch of this new school year. The excitement at the sites is wonderful to see. Students and staff alike are happy to be back on campus together again. Our Virtual Academy is up and running and we have students engaged in independent study at Venture, as well. No matter how students have elected to learn this year, we are one education community, and are working together to ensure that each student has the greatest opportunity to succeed. 


We will continue to monitor what is going on at the sites and will do our very best to be as responsive as possible to your concerns and ideas. Your principals are prepared to assist you with your questions and concerns. We are grateful for your partnership and look forward to all the wonderful things ahead for all of our students.