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Board Brief September 14, 2021 Board of Ed Meeting
Posted 9/16/21

Opening Comments


President Ordway thanked the audience for complying with masking requirements while inside during the meeting.


Reports to the Board


Dyslexia Awareness Month - October 2021

Presentation by Deanna Zappia, SRVUSD 


National Bullying Prevention Month  - October 2021

Presentation by Jessica Coulson, SRVUSD 


Report on First Month of School

Presentation by Members of SRVUSD Administrative Team


Introduction - John Malloy 

Dr. Malloy expressed his gratitude to students, staff and the community. He was out at sites and saw  students and staff in action doing great things. He thanked the community for their patience as we work through many things.


Independent Study Remote Learning Program - Christine Huajardo

We have 3 programs for our students who want an alternative to the in-person traditional classroom: Venture Independent Study, the Virtual Academy, and Independent Study Remote Learning - online with teacher support. Currently our only option for families who want to request remote learning going forward is online independent study. 

We face challenges with staffing. We still have substitutes  in some secondary classes. This is being addressed and we are working hard to fill these positions. The organizational aspects of onboarding students quickly is a challenge. We have established a weekly process that facilitates movement between in-person and remote learning. 


Child Nutrition - Danny Hillman

New USDA lunch program rules provide meals free of charge. That change has strained the Child Nutrition Dept. They are feeding more than double the number of meals than they served pre-pandemic. This amounts to thousands of meals. Doing this presents challenges for several reasons including staffing issues, inadequate facility sizes, and sourcing the ingredients in order to serve the food we want to serve. The department is asking for volunteers. They are hiring as quickly as they can. In the future they plan to engage students about the menu.


Charlotte Wood Middle School - John Malloy

Our recent experiences at Charlotte Wood (CWMS) helped us see that fulfilling public health requirements can present difficulties for us, as a school district. We have apologized to our CWMS families, staff and students and we have communicated clarifications, lessons learned, and how our practices have been adjusted to reflect improved processes.

  1. Public health requirements

    1. We will be clear about expectations and time frames, with regard to testing, etc.

  2. At the District level, we are working w/public health partners to advocate for changes and for clarity when necessary

  3. Dismissal procedures when we must work with a potentially large group 

    1. We will examine how students of different status are invited to the office, how to provide privacy, and how leaving campus will be handled using our existing policies

  4. No control over the fact that vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals are treated differently in the system.  This is not something that we own. 

    1. No student should ever feel divided by status. 

    2. We will be as sensitive as possible. 

    3. If larger numbers are involved, it is a challenge. 


District commitment:

  • Safety is our commitment and we are going to keep learning and adjusting. 

  • Everything that we can predict is currently addressed, but we cannot predict everything. 

  • If we are expected to comply with a requirement, and we do not have strategies in place, then we will pull our strategy team together to work on the issue.


Strategic Direction - Christine Huajardo

We have spent a lot of time focusing on Strategic Directions with our principals, increasing awareness around professional development. Principals provide the leadership at the local level to develop site level goals based on the  individual needs of each site. The work at the sites will be the foundation of the work that we do as a District.


District committees will be up and running soon. Please watch for more information about how to participate.


Staffing - Keith Rogenski

SRVUSD had an instructor in every class on the first day of school.

Despite that, staffing challenges are greater than we have ever faced. This is not unique to the SRVUSD.  It is a statewide issue. 

Employees left our District after last school year for a variety of reasons, including: normal attrition (resignations, retirements); leaving the profession; relocation out of state;  to accept new jobs closer to home, etc.

Many new employees have been hired.  Nearly 400 new individuals are employed with us this year.

We currently have a pool of approximately 500 certificated substitute teachers. but we need more to satisfy all of our daily staffing needs. 

We still have many vacancies we need to fill.  About 20 certificated teaching positions (full- and part-time) are currently open and about half of them are at the Virtual Academy.  And, we currently have approximately 200 classified positions that are unoccupied.  Half of them are in instructional support positions, and there are several vacant Child Nutrition and noon duty supervisor positions.  

The SRVUSD Human Resources Department is using traditional and non-traditional resources and approaches to recruit employees and fill openings.


Learning Management System - Danny Hillman

We implemented Schoology, a new Learning Management System, because we wanted to go beyond what we had in the past. We wanted to provide a tool that we could use to build knowledge and for deep learning.  We have created 75,000+ accounts for students and parents. We are aware of the challenges with getting some accounts set up. We are working with our site level trainers to provide peer-to-peer support.

We are continuing to train staff, parents and students so that they can experience the full functionality of the tool.


Covid Testing - Greg Medici

We currently offer PCR Testing Mon - Sat at the SRVUSD Ed Center as a way to support our families and keep students in school.

We plan to add rapid testing and surveillance testing at our sites in the next few weeks. A communication will be sent about these supplemental pieces of our testing program as we get closer to deploying these programs.


Covid Update - Danny Hillman

  • The SRVUSD is implementing state requirements and county guidance

  • We have moved the contact tracing process from the sites to a centralized Covid Response Team. 

    • Retired admins are doing this work so schools can focus on teaching and learning

  • We anticipate challenges coming - illness and air quality.

    • Our Strategy Team will keep track of and troubleshoot these issues

  • Per CDPH guidance, athletes and participants in extracurricular activities, including clubs, need to be tested regularly 


Covid Call Center - Keith Rogenski

  • To provide community members access after business hours to speak to someone who can help them get clarity around protocols and responses to questions about Covid-19.  (quarantine, modified quarantine, testing, etc.)  

  • Staffed with regular classified employees who are knowledgeable about Covid protocols.  


  • Operates weekly:  Mondays - Thursdays   6-8 p.m.

  • Covid Call Center Phone:   925.552.5054


Communication Protocols - Christine Huajardo

Questions from the community get answered most effectively and efficiently when they are directed to the correct person. To support the community in knowing where and to whom their questions and issues should be directed, we are updating our website to identify the correct people to contact and how to contact them. 


We will be communicating soon about the best ways to contact the District Office personnel.


Closing - John  Malloy

Dr. Malloy noted that our students are learning on campuses and remotely. He is pleased that the community is engaged in the work that we do. He plans to host a Town Hall in October. 

He also acknowledged that in the short time since school started, he is impressed with the speed and responsiveness with which the District has deployed programs in support of the students and community.


Action Items


Consideration of Approval of the Access to Excellence Process

Dr. John Malloy, Superintendent


Stewardship of resources is one component of our Strategic Directions. This work is about more than just budget. It requires a District wide committee. We need to determine the level of access that we want for our students. We must then look at our current resources and figure out how to acquire the additional resources we need to provide the access that our students deserve. 


This committee will design an engagement process, work on advocacy and make sure that the community understands how we are funded and why we are different.


This will be a starting point and may evolve over time based on what we learn.


Student Board Member voted in favor

Board Voted 5-0 in favor of the Process


Creating Effective Conditions to Fulfill our Strategic Directions

Dr. John Malloy, Superintendent


Doing the work of fulfilling our Strategic Directions is about engaging school sites, community and departments. We are embedding the continuous improvement cycle in the work that we are doing. As we get results, we need to bring that information to the Board.


A schedule was presented so that the Board and community know when certain topics will be brought forward at a Board meeting. This schedule will help keep the District  focused on our work and by adhering to a schedule, will ensure accountability that we show progress.


The schedule presented is subject to change over time.


Student Board Member voted in favor

Board voted 5-0 to approve the Proposal


Consideration of Adoption of Resolution 30/21-22, Authorizing a Fiscal Year 2021-22 Assessment by the County of Contra Costa for the District’s Outstanding General Obligation Bonds Under the District’s November 2002 and November  2012 Bond Measures

Greg Medici, Chief Business Officer 


This resolution, combined with other measures that have been approved by the Board (refinancing) will allow the Board to minimize the cost to the public of paying back the District’s General Obligation Bonds. (The presentation can viewed at timestamp 2:14:15)


Student Board Member voted in favor.

Board voted 5-0 in favor of adopting the Resolution


Consideration of Acceptance of 2020-21 Unaudited Financial Report - Unaudited Actuals

Greg Medici, Chief Business Officer


The 2021 Unaudited Actuals were presented. (The presentation can viewed at timestamp 2:18:31)


Student Board Member voted in favor.

Board voted 5-0 in favor of adopting the Resolution


Consideration of Acceptance of Resolution #32/21-22 Statement of Assurance for 2021-22 Sufficiency of Pupil Textbooks and Instructional Materials Grades K - 12. 

Christine Huajardo, Assistant Superintendent, Educational Services


Otherwise known as Williams Act compliance. 


Student Board Member voted in favor.

Board voted 5-0 in favor of adopting the Resolution


Consideration of Adoption of Resolution #29/21-22 Approval of Provisional Internship Program (PIP) requests.

Keith Rogenski, Assistant Superintendent, Human Resources


Requests were made to approve PIPs for 3 teachers: science, math, and special education.


Student Board Member voted in favor.

Board voted 5-0 in favor of adopting the Resolution


Administrative Reports


Board Members reported on the meetings and community events that they have attended. They commented on  the value of the recent Board workshop and are looking forward to the outcomes. Student Board Member Batra presented a recap of what was discussed at the Student Senate meeting. (Board reports can be viewed beginning at timestamp 2:50)