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Events in Eastern Europe: 03.08.22
Posted 3/8/22

Dear SRVUSD Community,


The images and news coming from Ukraine are deeply troubling. As a global community, we stand in support of peace for this region. We have community members who are from, or share heritage with Russia and Ukraine. We stand in support of those in our community who are affected by these events. 


As we speak now about what is going on in Ukraine, we recognize there are other wars and situations that contribute to the loss of human life happening all over the world.  Human suffering everywhere is an atrocity, even if it's not making the news.


We also recognize the sadness, confusion, fear and anger students may be experiencing right now and we know that everyone may be impacted in different ways by what is going on. Our thoughts are with those who have connections to the region and are undoubtedly concerned about their families and loved ones throughout this crisis. 


We can do better to make communities in SRVUSD heard and seen. We know that your identity and life exist in a context much greater than just your school. If you want to share things that matter and are relevant to you in the world, or regarding any other issue that you want us to know about so we can support your student, please connect with your school or email directly. 


During this challenging time, SRVUSD is committed to holding space for our community to share what is most important to them. We also encourage parents, caregivers, students, and staff to take care of themselves and to know that there are resources and services available to you: 


As the world continues to grapple with large geopolitical issues, we remain steadfast in our commitment to honor the humanity of everyone, and in so doing, we recognize that coming together as a community in support of one another is one way to address the challenges that confront us as a global society. 




SRVUSD Leadership Team