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Residency Requirements

Proof of Residency

Residency is based on where you live, not what property you own.  Purchase agreements/contracts are not acceptable as proof of residency.  Proof of residency is  required for students new to the district and when a family changes their address:

  • 2 - Proofs of legal residency (see below) and Picture ID of the parent/guardian for the student(s) being enrolled

Proof of Residency

Proof of residence is required at the time of enrollment and when a family changes their address.  Verification by one item from each category below is required:

  1. Current picture ID of parent/guardian:  Driver’s license, CA issued ID, passport, military ID, and
  2. Current mortgage statement, escrow closing papers indicating sale has closed, grant deed, property tax bill, lease/rental agreement including property address, names of authorized occupants when occupants are specified on the rental/lease agreement, signatures of both parties. If the lease/rental agreement has been in place for more than 6 months 2 current, consecutive months rental receipts or cancelled checks are required, and
  3. Current PG&E or water bill with name and address listed (if you have a new home purchase or rental you may submit your PG&E or water bill within 45 days of completing the enrollment process).

Additional documentation may be required for further verification.  Documentation may include but is not limited to:

  1. Income tax records reflecting the child's district residency address
  2. 2 current months of canceled checks or bank transfer records
  3. Court documents including custodial responsibilities
  4. Billing statement
  5. Vehicle registration
  6. Payroll check stub with name and address

School assignment and/or classroom space will not be reserved until all required documentation has been presented, reviewed and verified.

Original documents must be presented to the school for verification.  Please provide one copy of each document for each student. Your original documents will be returned to you.