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District Administrators
Jom Campopiano

Jon Campopiano
Executive Director, Secondary 
Educational Services

Dave Kravitz

Dave Kravitz
Student Services


Ramaa Ravi
Educational Services

Language Schools

The Language School Program provides high school students the ability to take non-SRVUSD courses for languages that are not currently taught at SRVUSD schools in order to earn high school world language or elective credits, with the following guidelines:

  • In order to receive SRVUSD credit for a language course, the class must be taken through one of our approved institutions (see below). Check back frequently as more institutions may be added. SRVUSD will be working to expand the language offerings.
  • A student cannot get credit for a Language School course that their home school offers (e.g. a student at DVHS cannot get credit for a Chinese course through Language School since Chinese is offered there).
  • Students participating in the language school courses cannot be part of the California State Seal of Biliteracy, as there are no tests at the district level at this time to certify if the language courses meet the level of an AP exam. For more information on the CA State Seal of Biliteracy please click here
  • Courses approved carry regular credits and are not weighted.

Language School credits DO NOT count as part of the 40 outside credits that can go on the SRVUSD transcript.

Chinese American Cooperation Council (CACC) (Approved for 2021-22 year)

Yan Madrid, Principal and Director of Chinese Program 

Tzu Chi Academy, Tri-Valley - Chinese

Jack Chen, Principal

Beged Kefet Hebrew Language School

Maayan Gilat, Head of School

International Tamil Academy (ITA)

Priya Vishwanathan, HSCP Officer

Madhu Bhasha Kendra - Hindi

MBK Language Center

Mrs Aggarwal, Director 


Silicon Andhra ManaBadi School for Telugu 

Raju Chamarthi, Dean

Sridevi Ganti, VP Accreditation
510 -364 -2493  

 Samskrita Bharati - Samskritam As a Foreign Language (SAFL) (Elective Credits)

Giri Bharathan, Director

Geetha Santhanam, Administrator