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Covid Adjusted Sports Season

Due to Covid 19 the CIF and NCS have adjusted the athletics calendar from 3 sports seasons to 2 sports seasons  

2020-2021 Sports Season
Fall Sports                 Spring Sports
Tryouts begin on Dec. 14th 2020 Tryouts Begin on February 22nd 2021 for:
Football                                           Soccer, Badminton
Cross Country Tryouts Begin on March 8th, 2021 for
Boys and Girls Volleyball Wrestling
Boys and Girls Water Polo Swimming
  Girls and Boy Tennis
  Tryouts Begin on March 15th 2021 for:
  Girls and Boys Basketball
  Track and Field
  Girls and Boys Golf
                                                                                           Boys and Girls Lacrosse
  Competitive Sport Cheer


ATHLETICS - NoN Covid (Normal) Seasons of Sports




Cheer, Sideline, Coed: V, JV, F
Cheer, Competition, Coed (CHS only)

Cross Country, Boys: V, JV
Cross Country, Girls: V, JV

Football: V, JV, F 

Golf, Girls: V

Tennis, Girls: V, JV

Volleyball, Girls: V, JV, F

Waterpolo, Boys: V, JV
Waterpolo, Girls: V, JV

Basketball, Boys: V, JV, F
Basketball, Girls: V, JV, F

Cheer, Song (DH, CH) & Pom (MV, SR), Coed

Wrestling, Coed: V, JV

Soccer, Boys: V, JV, F
Soccer, Girls: V, F/S

Badminton: V

Baseball: V, JV, F

Cheer, Competitive Sport,  Coed 

Golf, Boys: V

Lacrosse, Boys: V, JV
Lacrosse, Girls: V, JV

Softball: V, JV

Swimming & Diving, Boys: V
Swimming & Diving, Girls: V

Tennis, Boys: V, JV

Track & Field, Boys: V, JV
Track & Field, Girls: V, JV

Volleyball, Boys: V, JV




The Fall Sports season for the 2018 School Year begins on Monday July 30th for Football.