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Free Grab & Go Meals - FAQs

Yes we are.  As of Tuesday, September 1st, Grab and Go Meals are once again Free to All Children under 18 years of age.

Any child under 18 years of age is eligible to participate.  

Included is a breakfast and lunch which can be any combination of meat/meat alternates and whole grains, fruits, vegetables, plus 1% White Milk.

Yes, 1% White Milk is offered with each meal.

Yes.  All food is delivered to our warehouse and central kitchen where it is redistributed to the sites based on their needs.

Starting September 8th, Meals will be distributed on Mondays and Wednesdays between 10:00 AM and 1:00 PM. 

Parents, Guardians and Families may drive up to their school site where meals are being distributed.  Masks must be worn at pick up and social distancing is practiced.

As of September 1, 2020, parents do not have to preorder for their child's meals.   You can drive to any of the 8 school locations and pick up a meal.  You can request vegetarian options at the school site.  

There will be 8 schools that will be designated meal pick up sites.  Your school will automatically link to one of these school sites.  Click on this link Serving Locations and Feeder Schools (PDF)

No documentation is needed.  Meals are free to all children 18 years old or younger.

No, under the National School Lunch Program, meals must be picked up by the students parent or legal guardian. Please call the Child Nutrition office to make arrangements for someone to deliver meals to you.

Please check back to our Website for updates coming.

​​​​​​No, the student does not have to be present.  

Please call the Child Nutrition office to make arrangements for someone to deliver the meals to you.  That number is (925) 824-1808.

No, the Pandemic-EBT cards were issued by the State of California.