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Free Meals for All Students
Free Meals for All Students

2021/22 Meal (Income) Application

Submit your application for free funds and other benefits

Only the 21/22 Income Application is currently available. The 22/23 Application will be open on July 1, 2022.

Please fill out a Meal Application form online.

What is the purpose of this form/application now that all meals are provided free of charge? 

The form is still used for multiple reasons and provides multiple benefits to families: 

For qualifying households, it provides additional benefits such: 

  • P-EBT (additional money for families to purchase food) 
  • Fee waivers for SAT, ACT & AP tests and college applications
  • Discounted utility such as internet and cable
  • Discounted price of $100 on a TRAFFIX annual bus pass
  • Voucher for free after-school extended learning opportunities for TK-6th graders

For each student who qualifies, SRVUSD receives additional funds. 

How do I know if my family qualifies?

The income thresholds are listed on the application. We highly encourage families to complete the form. One family's qualification and/or participation does not take away from another family's option to qualify. 

If you have questions, you can email: or call (925) 824-1808.