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Culturally and Linguistically Responsive Teaching and Learning

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CLR is the practice of validating and affirming the home cultures and home languages of all of our students for the purposes of building upon those cultures to bridge students to success in the culture of academia and mainstream society.


We believe that all administrators, teachers, and staff need to meet the students where they are to help get them to where they need to be.

The CLR Framework

The CLR Leadership teams believe that the path to a more responsive classroom runs through four elements.  Teacher coaches provide professional development opportunities for administration and teachers to support an increased awareness, stronger learning partnerships, differentiated information processing, and supportive environments.


SRVUSD CLR Framework 2016


CLR Leadership Team


This team is a leadership team that meets monthly.  Our goal is to research and workshop solutions to the question, "How do we reduce and interrupt predictability about who fails and succeeds at SRVUSD?". 


Team members work to develop responsive professional development and act as coaches to administrators,  teachers, and students. 


Team Members Site Assignments Email Home Site
Jon Campopiano Director Edservices
Janet Tsuji Secretary to Jon Campopiano
Cat Cabral Golden View, Rancho Romero, San Ramon Valley DO
Yolanda Davis Charlotte Wood CW
Marissa Smith Live Oak LO
Kelly Giotta Gale Ranch, Diablo Vista GR
Christian Hicks Quail Run, Bella Vista QR
Jo Loecher Gale Ranch, Los Cerros GR
Erin Magill Coyotee Creek, Country Club QR/CK
Heather Cantero Stone Valley SV
Geoff Peppler Walt Disney, Neil Armstrong NA
Megan Manley Dougherty Valley DVHS
Trista McCombs Dougherty Valley DVHS
Jen Beavers Del Amigo, Venture DVHS/DO
Jon Parks Pine Valley, California, Dougherty Valley, Monta Vista, San Ramon Valley DVHS/DO
Rebecca Bartow Alamo, Sycamore Valley DO
Jon Williams Bollinger Canyon, Creekside, Greenbrook, Hidden Hills, John Baldwin, Live Oak, Tassajara Hills, Vista Grande QR/DO
Sandy Brumbaum Green Valley GV
Kathleen Martins California CHS
Korby Saunders Bollinger Canyon, Country Club, Neil Armstrong CC
Jennifer Shuen Dougherty Valley DVHS
Melinda Daly Stone Valley SV
Kim Carter Los Cerros  
Sia Yfantis Tassajara Hills TH
Jeff Davis San Ramon Valley SRVHS
Ashlee Evonc Montevideo Montevideo
Tara Garrison Charlotte Wood CW
Allie DeBruhl Quail Run, Sycamore QR
Ashley DeGrano Dougherty Valley DVHS
Carrie Leadingham Monte Vista MVHS
Georgi Cappelletti Tassajara Hills TH
Junell Watson Del Amigo, Venture Del
Kate Bryzek Del Amigo, Venture, Monte Vista Del
Carol Zilinskas Neil Armstrong NA
Bobby Clemente Dougherty Valley DVHS
Andrea Tapia Montair Montair
Blaire Wyatt Quail Support QR

Why CLR?

  • Increase student engagement
  • Reduce disproportionality
  • Cultivate independence in learning
  • Strengthens ALL relationships with more love, care, and kindness
CLR Leadership Team
CLR Leadership Team

CLR Team


Jon Campopiano


Teachers on Special Assignment

Jon Parks


Jon Williams


Teachers on Special Assignment Supporting CLR


Rebecca Bartow  (Literacy)


Jen Beavers  (ESL)


Cat Cabral (Equity)




CLR Leadership Team
CLR Leadership Team
Major Text of Study
Major Text of Study
Major Text of Study
Major Text of Study
Major Text of Study
Major Text of Study
Major Text of Study
Major Text of Study