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Unsatisfactory Material or Equipment

Request to return purchases shall be handled on the Return Order Form (available on online - Purchasing Locker Forms).  Obtain appropriate authorization from site or department & follow instructions stated on the form. Typical return period is within 30 days of delivery receipt. Timely return of items will impact District's ability to dispute charges, discrepancies, etc.  Each return must be securely wrapped and packaged similar to United Parcel Service (UPS) regulations.


  1. Download and complete "Return Order Form" from Purchasing website (Locker Forms)
  2. Call vendor to obtain Return Authorization Number (RMA#)
  3. Complete the rest of the form including vendor address, reason for return, item description, dollar value of item, signatures, account code for incidental charges (shipping or repair costs)
  4. Securely package item and prepare for shipment.
    • Return shipment via Warehouse
      • Deliver package to the Warehouse or generate a work order for pick-up
      • Package must be accompanied with a COMPLETED Return Order Form.
        NOTE:  Warehouse will not ship without Return Order Form.
      • Warehouse will process return shipment via UPS or other common carrier
      • Copy of the Return Order Form along with the TRACKING NUMBER will be scanned back to the Requester by Purchasing as proof of shipment.
    • Return shipment via Vendor UPS Call-Tag
      • Obtain UPS call-tag from vendor
      • Affix call-tag to the package
      • Include completed Return Order Form to assist vendor in processing return
      • Schedule your pickup online at or by calling 1-800-PICK-UPS (1-800-742-5877).  UPS will pickup package at your site.


Information needed prior to calling your vendors for request to return order

  • Purchase Order
  • Invoice or Statement (if available)
  • Item description, including quantity
  • Nature of return
  • Is the return for credit or exchange/replacement


Additional information on various merchandise return:

EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES (including janitorial/custodial, maintenance, facilities, child nutrition, computers, AV equipment, low voltage items, office and other classroom equipment or supplies).
Requester may contact Purchasing office to report the problem.  Additional instructions on handling may be given at this time depending on the nature of the return.  Circumstances may allow pick-up or call-tag at the site by the vendor instead of forwarding to the Warehouse or Purchasing for shipment.  See instructions above.

NOTE:  Any shipping charges (if any) or repair costs (parts and labor) are the sole responsibility of the requester.


BOOKS (including library collection, workbooks & misc instructional materials).
Requester must contact their vendor and obtain permission to return materials.  Books stamped or tagged with SRVUSD label are not returnable.

Properly packaged books & Return Order Form are then forwarded to the Warehouse for UPS shipment and return to the vendor.  See instructions above.

NOTE:  Any shipping charges (if any) are the sole responsibility of the requester.


FREIGHT COST - unless a "call-tag" (term used to return goods to a vendor.  It is a pre-paid shipping label.  Bearer of freight cost is to the vendor) is issued by the vendor, cost of return including handling, freight & shipping will be charged to the original account code of the order.

RESTOCKING FEE - a charge normally issued when merchandise is returned to the vendor.  Vendor may impose charge if the nature of the return is not due to their error, failure or any other vendor oversight.

INSURANCE - unless a greater value is declared by the requester prior to return, the package is automatically insured by UPS for $100.00