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Photo Essays

Upon returning from spring break, all SRVUSD students were given the opportunity to chronicle, study, and process the recent changes in their lives.  Students were asked: What has been meaningful, important, and different in this time?  Who have you relied on?  How have you felt?  From there, students were asked to create a photo essay that both documented and reflected on their “new normal.”

It is our pleasure to present a random sampling of the wonderful essays that were submitted.  Please check back weekly, as the submissions will be rotated.  Enjoy!


(Click on a photo to view the complete essay.)

Zakariah 1st Grade
1st grade
Neha G 5th Grade
5th grade
Mia  V 9th Grade
9th grade
Krithik 2nd Grade
2nd grade
Eva  B 6th Grade
6th grade
Anna 10th Grade
10th grade
Laney 3rd Grade
3rd grade
Ethan 7th Grade
7th grade
Alex M 11th Grade
11th grade
Aaryan 4th Grade
4th grade
Mehar 8th Grade
8th grade