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Furniture/Supplies For Internal Reutilization


NEW Furniture Reutilization/Disposal/Removal Information: When furniture is no longer needed:

  1. Fill out the Reutilization Form on Informed K12.  This form will route to Nicole Kugler in the Business Department then will post to staff who may be interested in using the reutilization item at their site.  Other Sites will be able to claim the item from the reutilization notification directly.

  2. If you have attempted to reutilize the furniture and it has not been requested for another site OR the furniture is damaged, then the furniture will need to be declared surplus and approved by the Board prior to disposal.  Declaration of Surplus form can be found on Informed K12 as well.

  3. After Board Approval the items can be:

    • Sold - Contact Nicole Kugler to discuss. (Not typically an option with most furniture.)

    • Donated - To a qualified Non-Profit- Contact Nicole Kugler to discuss.(Note you cannot just give furniture to anyone, including employees.)

    • Disposed/Recycled - This you can make arrangements for with the Maintenance Department through a work order, to order a trash container specifically for furniture disposal.  Your site will be responsible for the cost of disposal.

  • Do Not Put Furniture Into The Regular Trash Bin. The garbage trucks cannot compact items like furniture without damaging the ram so they will not dump a bin that has furniture placed inside.