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SRVUSD Summer School

SRVUSD High School Summer School Information

Where: Dougherty Valley High School

When:  June 10 - July 19  

Session 1 = June 10 - June 27  (No school on Friday, June 28)

Session 2 = July 1 - July 19  (No school on Thursday, July 4)


SRVUSD High School Summer School Interest Form

The Interest Form will be available until 11:59 p.m. on February 25 

(See Enrollment Information below for important details)


Enrollment Information

Due to the limited nature of course offerings, students will only be able to register for one SRVUSD Summer School course.  Data checks will be run on all submissions  and only the first application submitted for a student will be kept; subsequent applications will be rejected. Please submit only one Interest Form for the class your student is hoping to get into.   

Spaces will be limited  but courses are NOT first come-first served. All students who submit an Interest from by the February 25 deadline will have equal opportunity to enroll in a course.  If interest exceeds the number of available spaces in any course, lotteries will be held to determine course placement. Wait lists will be generated based on lottery results.  (See Time Lines below.) 

Important details for Learning Stream:

  • Chrome Browser works best
  • Does not work on mobile devices
  • Parents will have to create a Learning Streams account if they do not already have one from last year
  • Username & Password recovery help is available on the Learning Stream Home screen page. We do not have access to that information. 


General Information

SRVUSD High School Summer School will consist of two types of courses:

  • Traditional classes - Traditional classes meet every day (M - F) with a teacher in a traditional classroom
    • Traditional courses being offered:
      • Art 1
      • PE 9
      • Team Sports 
        • Course description from the Course Catalog: Students will be given the opportunity to learn the skills and techniques of a variety of team sports through participation. Sports may include flag football, indoor/outdoor soccer, basketball, volleyball, softball, hockey and ultimate Frisbee. Emphasis will be placed on sportsmanship and team strategy. (Not UC Approved)


  • Hybrid Learning Model classes - The Hybrid Learning model combines in-class instruction at school with an on-line learning system called Edgenuity.  Hybrid classes only meet with the teacher 3 days per week.  Students will need to log-in to Edgenuity to complete on-line learning modules as required the rest of the week. Students will receive their log-in information the week before classes start.  Students can log-in and begin classes early if they want to get a head start, but it is not required.
    • Hybrid Learning Model Courses being offered:
      • Algebra 1
      • Geometry
      • Biology (must have already taken Algebra 1 or be concurrently enrolled in Algebra 1 over the summer)
      • Health & World Geography (9th grade - must be taken together)
      • U. S. History (11th grade - Current 9th graders are not eligible to take  US History)
      • Econ (12th grade - 3 week course = semester course)
      • Gov (12th grade - 3 week course = semester course)
        • We hope to have a determination as to which session the Econ and Gov classes will be taught by early  April.  It is dependent upon the hiring of the teacher(s) for each course.

All Social Studies/History classes are grade specific and can only be taken the summer prior. To check for course prerequisites,  look for the course in the High School Course Catalog.


High School Summer School courses taken at SRVUSD will be automatically added to a student's transcript.  Students are not able to opt out of having it added if they don't like the grade that they receive in the course. 

Class Times


  • Traditional Classes (Art 1, PE 9 & Team Sports)
    • Monday - Friday, 8:00 - 12:40
    • No class on June 28 or July 4


  • Hybrid Learning Classes (Algebra 1, Geometry, Biology, Health/World Geography, U. S. History, Econ & Government)
    • Algebra 1, Geometry, Health/World Geography, U. S. History, Econ & Government
      • Monday, Wednesday & Thursday, 8:15 - 10:15 or 10:30 - 12:30
      • The week of July 4, classes will meet on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday
    • Biology
      • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday, 8:15 - 10:15 or 10:30 - 12:30
      • The week of July 4, classes will meet only on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday
    • Note:  Hybrid learning class times will be randomly assigned in early April



We strongly discourage students from missing any days of summer school due to the compressed timeline.  However, we know this is not always possible so we have instituted the following policy:

  • Traditional courses - students can miss one day per session
  • Hybrid Learning courses - students can miss up to 3 days over both sessions

Students who miss more than the allotted number of days will be dropped from the course.

Any work  assigned during a student's absence is the student's responsibility to make up.  

First day of class: All students must show up on the first day of the class or they will be dropped from the course.


SRVUSD Summer School Time Line
  • February 7, 8:00 am - Interest Form opens
  • February 25, 11:59 pm - Interest Form closes
  • February 26 - March 1 - Parents will be notified of any necessary lotteries
  • March 5 - Lotteries to determine class placement/Wait lists generated
  • March 6 - March 12 - Parents are notified via Learning Stream of enrollment status
  • March 19 - Deadline to decline Summer School course placement via Google Doc
  • March 20 - Begin offering students placement off of wait lists
  • March 27 - Deadline for wait list students to decline class placement
  • March 28 - Class lists generated
  • April - Hybrid learning class times will be randomly assigned in April