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Stakeholder Engagement Calendar

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Longterm Strategic Plan/Stakeholder Engagement

The SRVUSD Board of Education is engaged in the process of creating a new long-term strategic plan (3 - 5 year) for the organization. Guided by the belief that the SRVUSD is deeply embedded in and connected to its community, the District is committed to engaging all stakeholders at a deep level.

The three components of the SRVUSD strategic plan are:

  1. Equity - Is a way of being: The state of being free of bias and discrimination.
  2. Deep Learning and Innovation - Students strive to go beyond a basic understanding.
  3. Social and Emotional Well-being - Encompasses the whole child.
Three Components of the Strategic Plan:


1. Equity ______________________ ______________________

Equity is a commitment to action: The process of providing access and opportunity to underserved populations in order to be fair and just and to produce effective outcomes.

2. Deep Learning and Innovation ______________________ ______________________

Deep Learning is a pedagogy that promotes the qualities children need for success by building complex understanding and meaning rather than focusing on the learning of superficial knowledge.

3. Social and Emotional Well-Being ______________________ ______________________

The belief that students' basic needs and emotions must be taken care of to allow for optimal learning conditions, and to allow for students to thrive and grow into responsible, ethical and productive citizens.

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We invite all stakeholders to continue to share their thoughts. In order to share your thoughts please email


ThoughtExchange Question Results ___________________________________________________________

To view a summary report, please click on the hyperlink at the beginning of each question.

Student Question 1: What do you think students need in order to be successful in work and life in the areas of equity, classroom instruction, and social emotional health?

Student Question 2: The pandemic changed the ways that you are taught and how you learn. What do you feel are the most important takeaways from the pandemic as it relates to school and how should the things we learned impact school for the 2021 school year and into the future?

SP Equity Question: What do our students need to be successful in school and life from the perspective of equity and equitable access for all students?

SP Deep Learning Question: What do our students need to be successful in school and life from the perspective of deep learning?

SP SEL Question: What do our students need to be successful in school and life from the perspective of social emotional well-being?

One-time Monies Question: The SRVUSD has received some one-time monies that must be spent on reopening schools. Please provide your input on how you think this money should be prioritized to best support students.

Smooth Transition to Fall Reopening Question: The SRVUSD Board of Education is committed to a fall reopening that provides the opportunity for all students to either return to full-time, in-person instruction or to learn remotely. What should the district consider in order to ensure a smooth transition to the 2021-22 school year?