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Summer Advancement Via Outside Institution

Advancement Application Deadline Reminders
Summer Advancement Program

Students are able to take courses to advance to a higher level course for the next school year beginning in the spring of each year. The following criteria must be met:

  • Students must be (at least) in the second semester of their 8th grade year (courses taken prior to that are not allowed) 
  • Students in 8th grade cannot complete a course prior to the last day of school (June 4, 2021)  if  the course is going to be placed on the SRVUSD transcript.
    • Note: If a student wants to take Algebra 1 outside of SRVUSD, the student must place the course onto her/his SRVUSD high school transcript, and therefore cannot complete the course prior to the last day of eighth grade. 
  • Courses must be taken from institutions that:
    • Are WASC or regionally accredited and offer coursework that leads to a high school diploma
      • Institutions that have only Supplemental accreditation do not qualify (i.e. Art of Problem Solving, John Hopkins Center for Talented Youth, UC Scout, Language Bird, etc.)
    • Must be UC approved
    • Must issue letter grades and official transcripts 
    • NOTE: Courses taken from BYU Online High School must be Teacher-Led version.  Paper and Online course designations do not qualify.
  • Students can only advance one level per subject per year 
  • There is a limit of 4 classes (40 high school credits) that can be placed on the transcript over a student's four years in high school, with students being able to place only 20 credits per academic year, and 20 credits in any given subject area.
  • It is up to the student/parent to confirm that the course/institution chosen meet NCAA eligibility requirements


Approved Courses & Institutions

Approved Courses and Institutions for Summer Advancement 

The list in the above link is a fairly comprehensive list of courses and institutions that are most commonly used for Advancement purposes.  The information presented here is accurate.  However, it is the student's/parent's responsibility to verify that institutions still have the necessary accreditation and that courses are still UC approved by going to the links given in the document prior to enrolling in a course. (Accreditation and UC approval can change from year to year.)

If you have questions about a specific course or institution that you do not see on the list, check first to see if they have the necessary accreditation,  UC approval and that they issue letter grades and official transcripts.  If they don't, then they probably are not acceptable.

If students have questions, they should confirm eligibility with their counselor prior to enrolling in the course. 

Enrollment Process 

Enrolling in the SRVUSD Summer Advancement Program is a multi-step process:

Step 1 - Enroll in the advancement class at the desired institution

Step 2 - Submit an SRVUSD Advancement Application, including required Proof of Enrollment documentation (see below)

  • Valid 6-digit student ID numbers are required.  ID numbers can be found on your Parent Portal and/or on your student's ID card.
  • Upload required Proof of Enrollment documentation to application
    • Proof of Enrollment must include all of the following information:
      • Student's name
      • Name of the Institution
      • Course name/number
        • For BYU Online courses, document must reflect that course is Teacher Led (TL)
        • Proof of Enrollment must be provided for both parts of a two-part course (i.e. GEOM 041 TL & GEOM 043 TL) 
      • Must reflect that enrollment is complete/paid in full
        • Copies of Quarry Lane contracts are not acceptable.  Ask for an Account Statement that reflects payment was made.
        • Sample documents can be viewed on this Proof of Enrollment Documentation flyer.

Step 3 - During COVID, official transcripts can be mailed to the attention of the Registrar at your school site by August 13, 2021.

 Alternatively, If the institution offers an email option to send it directly to your school, this is acceptable and will be considered an official copy. (Transcripts emailed from a student/parent are not considered official.) Here are the links to the school sites' registrars:


California High - Heidi Barker,

Dougherty Valley High - Kathleen O'Grady,

Monte Vista High - Sarah Sirota,

San Ramon Valley High - Barbara Murray,

Venture Independent Study - Kelly Estes,




Advancement Via Outside Institution Timeline

This Timeline applies for courses taken at all institutions except NUVHS.  See below for NUVHS timeline

NUVHS courses and Timeline*

NUVHS requires students to be enrolled in each semester of a course for a minimum of six weeks (per semester; a minimum of twelve weeks for the whole course). In order to meet NUVHS guidelines, and adhere to the SRUVSD advancement deadlines, students must start part 2 of their course no later than June 25, 2021 in order for students to complete the course and have the official transcript delivered in time. 


Processing of applications

Once an application has been submitted, it will be reviewed within a 10 working day period.  Upon review, parents will receive an email notifying them of the application's status. 

  • If the document that was submitted as the Proof of Enrollment was acceptable and all other information is complete and accurate, the application will be approved and parents will receive an email notification of the approval.
    • NOTE: Applications will NOT be approved without proof of enrollment for BOTH parts of two-part courses (i.e. - BYU GEOM 041 (TL)  AND GEOM 043 (TL)
  • If the Proof of Enrollment document was missing, incorrect or not sufficient, parents will receive an email letting them know that additional documentation is required.
    • Parents can log back in to their IK-12 application account to upload additional documents.
  • Parents can monitor the status of their application by logging in to their application.
    • The status of applications that require additional documentation will be listed as "Pending Approval" until the required documents have been received and reviewed.  Please allow 10 working days from submission of the additional documentation for processing. 
  • If proper documentation is not received by the June 25 deadline, the application will be cancelled.