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Dr. John Malloy comes to the San Ramon Valley Unified School District after having served as the Director of Education (Superintendent) at the Toronto District School Board in Toronto, Canada, which is the largest School Board in Canada and the eighth largest School Board in North America. Dr. Malloy has an extensive background in education at all levels and is a fierce advocate for an equitable, accessible, quality public education. 

John has a vision for learning that every student deserves a great education and that we have a responsibility to ensure that students feel connected and engaged. We must have high expectations and create spaces for teaching and learning that support students and staff in meeting those expectations. He believes that we must know our students by understanding their strengths, interests and lived experiences. To fully support their learning, as adults, we must recognize in ourselves what biases we might have that may affect student learning and counter those biases to ensure that the ways we are leading and teaching are relevant and engaging. When warranted, we must shift our attitudes and practice to meet their needs. Additionally, we must allocate our human and financial resources strategically to support student needs and ensure that all schools offer a wide range of programming that reflects the voices, choices, abilities, identities and experiences of all students. 

By strengthening relationships and continuing to build partnerships among students, staff, families and communities, student needs are supported, and learning and well-being will improve. John believes that together we can build positive school and workplace cultures that support mental health and well-being, are free of bias and full of potential.

Prior to his work at the Toronto District School board, Dr. Malloy was the Assistant Deputy Minister of Education/Chief Student Achievement Officer at the Ontario Ministry of Education and was the Director of Education (Superintendent) at the Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board in Ontario, Canada. During his career, he has been a principal, vice principal, English teacher and guidance counselor. He is the author of an extensive array of education related articles and papers, as well as a frequent presenter at educational conferences and symposiums.

You can follow John on Twitter: @malloy_john

Dr. John Malloy Superintendent
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