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Technology Plan

Our Technology Plan for 2014-2017 was approved by the California Department of Education in May, 2014.

In today’s rapidly changing world, schools and other institutions/organizations must plan for the use of technology to advance their mission. The following beliefs played a major role in the development of our plan:

  • Technology is vital to many aspects of teaching and learning in the 21st century.
  • Technology can no longer be considered a separate course; technology is a tool for much of our learning.
  • Technology must be relatively transparent in classrooms and integrated throughout the curriculum.
  • All students in grades K–12 must be supported with access to technology tools.
  • Teachers and students should be equipped with current technologies that make learning interesting, motivating and relevant to the real world.
  • Staff should have adequate tools for teaching and managing information.
  • Technology should be accessible and in working order for teaching and learning.

Our plan is intended to be dynamic and flexible. It provides direction to decision-makers and schools without overwhelming users with many details that can become obsolete within a few months of their publishing.