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Technology RFPs


The San Ramon Valley Unified School District (“District”) is requesting  proposals for a Learning Management System. ( LMS)  Bid #835

All relevant documents are posted below.

eRate LAN Equipment RFP

SRVUSD is posting this RFP for LAN equipment for the year 2020-21.  Proposals are due on February 27, 2021 before 3:00pm.  The RFP document is listed below along with the spreadsheet of requested items:

RFP Document


Submission Date is Jan. 4, 2021 by 4:00 PM PST.  All submissions should be emailed to:

There will be a Q&A online session on December 15, 2020 @1:00 PST.  Link to videoconference

Questions may also be submitted electronically to prior to Dec. 18, 2020.  All questions submitted and their answers will be posted here.


1. We are working on the RFP and would like to know if we can create a doc using the spreadsheet information.  We'd like to add screenshots to some of the responses where necessary and a doc tends to work better.  Each section will be labeled to match the spreadsheet for ease of reference.  

A. Yes, that is fine as long as we can easily match up the criteria to our spreadsheet.

2. Is the final RFP submission and related documents to be received only in electronic format? 

A. We require an electronic format version, however you may also send documentation in paper format - attention Purchasing Department, RFP #: 835

3. Can you please clarify if “Connect with GC…” as detailed in row 13 of the “Usability & User Experience” requirement table can be a connection with G Suite for Education and the functionality of Google Classroom? 

A. We would like to be able to integrate the Google Meet functionality in Google Classroom in the LMS platform and originality reports, along with the ability to push a copy of a Google Doc for each student.

4. Can you please add additional detail regarding “Systems that are color coded (uniformed)” in row 6 of the “Accessibility” requirement table and where this would be applied within the learning environment? 

A. This refers to the ability to color code Discussion activity different than Assessment, different from a Homework activity.

5. Can you please define the data and technical goals referred to in “Ability to validate data and correlate to our technical goals” on row 9 of the “Data Storage and Administration”  requirement table by providing a sample scenario? 

A. We need to be able to verify the data that is synchronized from Infinite Campus to the LMS and access data fields for any data exported out of the LMS to our datawarehouse via any API's.