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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Can my child bring lunch from home and also have a school lunch?
Yes. Two options: They can have the full lunch, which includes an entree, a fruit and/or vegetable, and a milk. Or they can have a 'Buddy Lunch' - which is made up of a fruit, vegetable, and a milk. A fruit or vegetable must be taken for both a lunch with an entree and a 'Buddy Lunch', this is a federal rule. 
Can my child just take a milk? 
Milk on its own, so not part of a meal, can be purchased for $.50 cents. We highly encourage that students can have a 'Buddy Lunch' and they can take a milk, fruit, and vegetable for no charge.  The reason we can offer the Buddy Lunch for free and not a single milk for free is that program only provides funding for a meal/Buddy Lunch.  If a child takes a single milk, the district has to pay for it. 
Can my child purchase a second meal? 
Yes, but they need to have funds on their prepayment account, which can be done on the Titan Family Portal. Cash will not be accepted in the breakfast or lunch line. Cash or checks can be given to the Child Nutrition Manager outside of the breakfast or lunch meal service time.  A second breakfast is $2.50 and a second lunch is $4.50. School staff can purchase a breakfast for $3.00 and lunch for $5.00.
Can my child just take just a fruit? 
The federal program funding does not pay for just fruit on its own, students need to take a complete meal. A complete meal has at least three items from the offered menu, one of the three items needs to be a fruit or vegetable. If a student only wants a fruit, we highly encourage that students can have a 'Buddy Lunch' and they can take a milk, fruit, and vegetable for no charge. 
Where can I find out more about the new breakfast program?
If the meals are free, why does my child now have to enter their student id number or provide their name? 
Even though meals are free, all school districts are now required to collect some basic student information for Federal reporting of meal types. Depending on your school, students may enter their student id into a pin pad, select their student photo on a screen, or have an id card scanned. This will make the meal lines slower at first, but the students and staff will get into the rythym quickly - thank you for your patience as we transition back to collecting student information (pre-pandemic).
Why can't my child take meals home or off campus like we did last school year? 
Students were allowed to take meals home only due to program waivers from the Federal government (which funds the program). Those waivers expired this year and so all meals will be consumed on school campus this year.