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Enrollment Corner

Welcome to the San Ramon Valley Unified School District!


Enrollment for the 2022-23 and 2023-24 school years for grades TK-12 is open. If you have an incoming kindergartner or TK student, please see the TK/Kindergarten Specific Information page of our district website for important information and frequently asked questions. 


The first day of school for the 2023-24 school year is Thursday, August 10. If your 23-24 TK or Kindergarten student has not attended TK or Kindergarten in the past, please enter August 10, 2023 as the date entered US School and CA School in your enrollment application.


Your resident school office staff will review your new student enrollment or address change request. 
New Student Enrollment. Your resident school office staff will be reviewing your enrollment application. Here are the steps to enroll:
  1. FIND your resident school
  2. PREPARE your documents
  3. APPLY online
    1. Complete and submit your Online Enrollment Application.Be sure to select the appropriate school year for your enrollment applicaiton, we are currently accepting 22-23 (all grades) and 23-24 TK & Kindergarten enrollment applications. The first day of the 23-24 school year is August 10, 2023.
    2. Print your Online Enrollment application summary upon completion
    3. Currently attending TK students do not need to complete a new student enrollment to attend Kindergarten next school year
  4. Your resident school enrollment staff will review your application 
    • 22-23 new student enrollments will be reviewed within 2 business days
    • 23-24 enrollments will be reviewed within 5-10 business days
    • If you have additional documents for your enrollment or have questions about the status of your enrollment application, please contact your resident school enrollment staff
If you are experiencing technical difficulties with your online enrollment application, please send an email to
To access Infant/Preschool Program Enrollment and Assessment information, please use the quick link titled Preschool Programs on the left side of this page.