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Katie Witt

Katie Witt Executive Director Elementary Education

SRVUSD State Funded Preschool

SRVUSD State Funded Preschool

SRVUSD Preschool
The San Ramon Valley Unified School District currently houses two state-funded preschool classrooms for eligible 3 and 4 year old children, one classroom at Live Oak Elementary and one classroom at Walt Disney Elementary. The program was developed to provide school readiness opportunities for children, assisting them to successfully transition to kindergarten.  Our highly qualified, credential teachers utilize the The California Preschool Foundations and Frameworks in the preschool classrooms. We are excited to offer this state-funded California State Preschool program in SRVUSD to families who meet the eligibility criteria.
The San Ramon Valley California State Preschool Program (CSPP) follows the same instructional calendar followed by all SRVUSD students  Our classrooms have a 1:8 staff to student ratio and are a minimum of 3 hours/day. Parents are encouraged to get involved by participating in classroom activities and parent education opportunities as appropriate. It is our goal to provide a strong foundation and home/school partnership for these early learners.

Eligibility Requirements

Children must be 3 or 4 years of age. Qualified 4 year olds will be given priority in order to prepare them for kindergarten. The program is designed to assist families in need. Qualification includes homelessness, CPS, Aid Recipients, and income eligible families. Children are expected to be 100% potty trained and families provide their own transportation to and from school.
For additional information about the California State-Funded Preschool Program, please call 925-552-5032 or email
The 2024-2025 State Preschool Pre-Screening Application is NOW OPEN

The 2024-2025 State Preschool Pre-Screening Application is NOW OPEN

A pre-screening form must be submitted in order to assist with prioritizing students, as there are specific eligibility requirements . 
The following information is needed to complete this form, so please have documents available before completing:
  • Status regarding homelessness
  • Foster youth status
  • Gross Monthly Income
  • Student birthdate
  • Family size
  • Custodial parent information
  • Social Services Support
  • Temporary Assistance Support



Assessment and Services for Special Education- Infant & Preschool

All new students enrolling to be assessed or to participate in our special education infant & preschool programs must first complete the online enrollment process. Once the online enrollment process is completed you will receive an automatic email from SRVUSD with a six (6) digit confirmation number. Please contact Tamara Weatherton at
and provide your confirmation number. 
Note:  (Please use Firefox or Chrome browser, please do not use Internet Explorer browser or smartphones.)  The online application cannot be completed via a smartphone.  
To help you locate your student's home school please use the School Site Locator
Your enrollment is not complete until a Special Education Department staff member has reviewed your application and confirmed completion. All documents, aside from the New Parent Questionnaire, are uploaded into your online enrollment application. Your enrollment package consists of the following documents: 
  • Any form(s) you may have completed during the enrollment process
Incomplete enrollment packages will delay the assessment process.
For additional information about the Special Education Infant / Preschool assessment and services, please call 925-820-6815 or email