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Abdul Mixon
Executive Director, Business Operations
(925) 824 -1818
Chris Hamburger
Coordinator, Maintenance & Grounds
(925) 824 -1888
Oudary Khamphoumy
Administrative Secretary
(925) 824 -1878

Maintenance and Grounds

The Maintenance and Grounds Department goal is to maintain District facilities through an active plan that supports short-range and long-range district and school site objectives. Quality is the foundation for our long term success and is the focus of maintenance efforts.
It is our belief that the success of the Maintenance and Grounds Department depends upon our ability to continuously improve our customer service to the school sites.
Our customer service is built upon the skills and teamwork of caring professionals.  We understand the needs of our facility users and rely upon this teamwork to accomplish our primary goal of providing a high-quality safe learning environment for staff and students.

Integrated Pest Management

Integrated pest management is the environmentally friendly approach to controlling pests. Focusing on effetive, low-risk pest mamangement strategies that involve integrating multiple control methods based on information obtained through inspection and monitoring to prevent and control.