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Interdistrict transfers
A parent or legal guardian of a student residing outside of the SRVUSD school boundary may request a transfer for that student to this district from another by obtaining an Approved Interdistrict Transfer Request form from their resident school district office. Please be sure to hold your student's enrollment space at your resident school district until you receive an official transfer decision notification from our Student Services department. If you have moved to a residence within the SRVUSD boundary you do not need an interdistrict transfer to have your student enrolled in our district, please follow the instructions listed on the Enrollment page of our district website.
Please go to your resident school district office and obtain an inter district transfer approval to SRVUSD. Your school district will send the request to our offices to be reviewed. Please send the required documents listed below via fax to 925-837-2605 or scan to our Student Services staff.
  • Transcripts/Grades
  • Discipline Records from previous school
  • Attendance Records from previous school
Approval will be granted based on space availability and the review of the above documentation.  If approval is granted, school placement is at the sole discretion of the Student Services Director and department. Status will not be available prior to official notification.  
If approval is granted, you will be notified by email to begin the SRVUSD enrollment process.  Information regarding this process can be found on the Enrollment page of our district website.
Interdistrict Attendance BP5117AR5117
Dave Kravitz
Dave Kravitz, Director of Student Services
Helen Burrows, Department Secretary 925-552-5052
  • March 1 -Interdistrict transfer applications open for the next school year.
  • May 1 - Interdistrict transfer renewal documents are due for continuing interdistrict transfer students in order to hold enrollment space for the upcoming school year. Please click here for important interdistrict transfer renewal information.
  • For current school year requests, parents will receive a transfer decision notification within 30 calendar days from the date of receipt of the request.
  • For future school year requests, parents will receive a transfer decision notification as soon as possible, but no later than 14 calendar days following the beginning of the school year  for which enrollment is sought.
  • For new interdistrict transfer applications, parents must complete the enrollment process within 10 business days of receiving an interdistrict transfer approval notification.
  • Failure of the parent to meet any timelines established by the district shall be deemed abandonment of the request.
After receiving an initial interdistrict transfer approval, parents must renew the interdistrict transfer each spring.
Please complete the 2024-25 Interdistrict Transfer Request and either fax your request to (925) 837-2605 or scan it to our Student Services Staff at We will complete the SRVUSD portion of the request, and it will be the parents’ responsibility to obtain approval from the requested district.
At times school districts deny a request to transfer to another district. Parents have the right to appeal this denial. For information regarding appealing a denied interdistrict transfer please follow the instructions on the denial letter from your district and appeal first to your resident school district office. As a second step, if needed, you can contact your resident county office of education. You have the right to appeal a school district's final decision to the county board of education within 30 days of the date of the final denial of transfer. Below are the links to Alameda and Contra Costa County Offices of Education: