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Welcome to the Kindergarten Readiness  page.  Here you will find valuable information that was discussed at the Readiness Nights.  The purpose of this information is to review student expectations through the standards and benchmarks, the kindergarten report card which has a lot of information on what is expected for mastery, and to give you a snapshot view of what kindergarten expectations look like today.  
In SRVUSD, we believe that the Kindergarten year provides each child time to mature academically, socially and emotionally at his/her own pace.  Our programs provide opportunities for students to develop based on their own needs, abilities and strengths.  The rigor in our schools has increased as kindergarten has become more academic in nature.
When students come ready and prepared for Kindergarten, they experience success in their academic journey.  We have included a list of inquiry questions to be used as a readiness checklist.  Please use these questions as a guideline to make an informal evaluation of your child’s readiness to enter a rigorous kindergarten program.

Social/Emotional Skills

  • Separates easily from caregiver
  • Understands concept of sharing/taking turns
  • Can my child express his/her needs without crying?
  • Complies with rules, limits, and routines
  • Demonstrates interactive play
  • Transitions well between activities
  • Has good listening skills/follows directions
  • Demonstrates good manners and respect for authority
  • Performs self care tasks such as packing and unpacking their belongings
  • Can my child listen without interrupting?
  • Can my child focus on a specific task for 10-15 minutes independently?

Cognitive Academic Development

  • Recognizes his/her name
  • Can my child write his/her first name?
  • Participates in art and music
  • Counts to 10
  • Can my child count a group of objects?
  • Can my child identify some numbers from 1-30?
  • Shows interest in sounds and letters
  • Can my child identify some upper and lower case letters?
  • Does my child know some letter sounds?
  • Can my child rhyme words?
  • Sits for a story


  • Buttons or zips up their clothes on their own
  • Cuts with scissors
  • Can my child cut while holding scissors correctly?
  • Demonstrates ability to hop, skip, and jump
  • Holds a crayon, marker, or pencil
  • Bounces a ball
Please have your preschool teacher fill out this survey  and have them return it to your resident school.
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Katie Witt
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