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Assistance dog
Any person wishing to bring any animal, other than a guide dog, signal dog or service animal on campus, must first seek approval from the Director of Student Services no less than ten (10) calendar days prior to the intended date of the animal's presence on campus.
A request for permission must be submitted using the Approval for Animals Brought to School Form.  Please download, complete and print the form, attach the additional documents and send to Helen Burrows  Student services will contact you once the form is received. 
The form and any supporting documentation  will be reviewed by the Director of Student Services.  Permission to bring the animal will be granted or denied following the document review. Per  Board Policy (BP 6163.2) and Administrative Regulation (AR 6163.2), upon permission being granted, the school administration must notify, in writing, members of the school community affected by the presence of the animal. The community will be given 2 weeks to respond with any concerns.
Approval for Animals for Service in Training Brought to School Form