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The school nurses in the district carry out health screenings throughout the academic year to identify possible obstacles to learning. Those not passing the initial screening will be retested or referred for further evaluation. Based on the screening results, a parent or guardian will be notified and referred for further follow-up. Additionally, a parent or guardian may request an exemption from health screenings by submitting a written request. As per the California State Education Code (§49455, §49456, §49452.5), school nurses conduct the following screenings: 
  • Vision: Grades K or 1, 2, 5, 8, and first year in the California public school system 
  • Color Vision: Males only in Grades K or 1 
  • Hearing: Grades K or 1, 2, 5, and 8, and first year in the California public school system

Additional Screenings

As part of the assessment process for special education services, students undergoing initial and three-year reviews, as well as those referred by a teacher or parent, will be screened for their vision and hearing. The school nurse will notify the parents or guardians if follow-up is needed.

Health Examination

California law requires that all children have a physical examination within eighteen months before entering the first grade.  

Oral Health Assessment

California’s Education Code §49452.8 mandates that children receive a dental check-up by May 31st of their first year in public school, either in kindergarten or first grade. However, if a dental evaluation has already occurred within 12 months before school entry, it fulfills the requirement. The law states that a licensed dentist or other licensed/registered dental health professional must conduct the assessment.