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The main focus of our school health services is the prevention of illness and disability and the early detection of health problems.  Our goals are to promote the health and well-being of our students and to provide for an optimal educational experience.  School nurses strengthen and facilitate the educational process by improving and protecting the health status of our students. Our focus includes the identification of health-related barriers to learning and the implementation of adjustments and accommodations supporting all students.  
The health educator/school nurse is a licensed registered nurse who has completed additional educational requirements and possesses a current credential in school nursing, a public health credential, and a school audiometry certificate. The health educator/school nurse is specially prepared in preventative health care, health assessment and management, and referral procedures.
Each school site has a credentialed school nurse on duty one day a week.  In addition, depending on the health needs at a particular school site, a Specialized Physical Health Care Assistant (SPHCA) may be available to assist students with health care needs.
Please contact your school site nurse for any questions and/or concerns.  
Credentialed School Nurse Services Include:
  •  Management of student health and medical issues.
  •  Medication administration and training of school staff and para-educators.
  •  Mandated Hearing and Vision Screening in grades K, 2nd, 5th and 8th (CA Ed Code § 49452).
  •  Oversee mandated elementary physical and oral health screenings (BP  5141.3)
  •  Perform state mandated immunization audits.
  •  Case Management which includes Individualized Healthcare Plans for students with significant health problems (i.e. diabetes,   seizures, asthma, severe allergies).
  •  First aid and emergency care, including Student Injury Reports.
  •  Health and Safety Programming, including Hands Only CPR.
  •  Health Education for individual students, classes, staff and school community.
  •  Communicable disease notification and management.
  •  Student concussion consultation and management.
  •  Implementation of the 5th grade Human & Health Development (Puberty Curriculum).
  •  Consultation on 504 plans and Individual Education Plans (IEP).
Healthy Children Learn Better


Kathy Rooney, MSN, RN, PHN
District Nurse Coordinator
Sarah Coleman, MSN, RN
Special Education Nurse Coordinator
Sites: Monte Vista HS, Del Amigo Campus, &  Bollinger Canyon ES
Sites:  Twin Creeks ES, Country Club ES, & San Ramon Valley HS
Anju Lashkari, MSN, RN
Sites: Alamo ES, Los Cerros MS, Stone Valley MS, Green Valley ES, 
Nancy Sheets, BSN, RN, PHN
Sites: Gale Ranch MS, Tassajara Hills ES, Golden View ES
Niko Holmes, BSN, RN
Sites: Cal High, Windemere Ranch MS, & Neil Armstrong ES
Rosa Harnetiaux, BSN, RN, PHN
Sites: Greenbrook ES, John Baldwin ES, Live Oak ES
Beth Crook, BSN, RN
Sites: Dougherty Valley HS, Venture 
Sites: Windemere Ranch MS, Hidden Hills ES, & Montevideo ES
Alyson Campbell, BSN, RN, PHN
Sites: Vista Grande ES, Montair ES
Hilary Weiss Garcia, MSN, RN, PHN,  NCSN
Sites:  Creekside ES, Quail Run ES, Walt Disney Es, Charlotte Wood MS
Sharon Dodson, RN, BSN
Sites: Iron Horse MS & Rancho Romero ES
Kay M. Smith, RN, PHN, MA
Sites: Coyote Creek ES
Kristi Nolan, BSN, RN
Sites: Sycamore ES, Bella Vista MS, Diablo Vista MS


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