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Strategic Arts Planning Committee 

This team of teachers, parents, students, administrators, and community members work together to support the future of arts education in SRVUSD.
Committee Meetings and agendas
February 7, 2024      
September 18, 2024
February 12, 2025
Meetings are held at the Los Cerros PDC from 5:30 - 7:00 PM.
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The Visual Arts program serves students K to Grade 12 in the district and includes drawing, painting, sculpture, ceramics, traditional and digital photography, animation, and graphic design. Our curriculum centers around the California Visual Arts Standards. 
Every day in classrooms across the district, students are engaged in the visual arts thanks to a dedicated team of trained art educators. We are building toward a creative future.


The SRVUSD is proud of the extensive music program offered in our schools.  Instrumental music instruction is offered in all of our elementary schools and continues in both the middle and high school level.  In March we celebrate "Music in our Schools" with our Area Band Festivals hosted at each of our comprehensive high schools.  We also hold our annual vocal and strings festival showcasing the talents of our young musicians.
Elementary classroom music teachers now have access to Interactive Music powered by Silver Burdett.
This program provides concept-based music instruction with online interactive activities, content for classroom projection, and downloadable print materials, music notation, audio, video, animated instruction, and other activities.

Arts and Music Board Approved Report

On May 14, 2024, the SRVUSD Board of Education approved our annual report for use of Prop 28 funding. 
Arts and Music in Schools Funding Report


The theatre standards are designed to enable students to achieve literacy in theatre. Grade-by-grade standards articulate the most fundamental elements of theatre, delineating a path by which every student can and will achieve proficiency or beyond in this ancient and honorable craft.


The dance standards are designed to enable students to achieve dance literacy. To be literate in the artistic discipline of dance, students need to develop specific knowledge, skills, and values that allow for fluency and deep understanding. This means discovering the expressive elements of dance; knowing the dance-based theory, terminology, and symbolic language that is used to comprehend dance; having a clear sense of embodying dance; and being able to reflect, critique, and connect personal experience to dance and the dance community.


The media arts standards are designed to enable students to achieve media arts literacy. Media arts standards assume the diverse forms and categories of media arts as a distinct, stand-alone arts discipline, whose basic categories include the following areas: photography, imaging, sound, animation, video, web design, graphic design, virtual design, interactive design, as well as their combinations and emerging forms, such as multimedia and virtual design.