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Educational Services

Educational Services is dedicated to academic excellence where all students thrive and succeed in innovative and inclusive learning environments.

Educational Services Staff
Christine Huajardo
Assistant Superintendent
Administrative Assistant  Debbie Gluchowski- 925-552-2914
Jon Campopiano
Executive Director, Secondary
Secretary - Tami Castelluccio - 925-552-2949
Nadine Rosenzweig
Executive Director, Elementary
Secretary - Tiffany Marquez  925-552-5032
Debra Petish, PhD
Executive Director, Curriculum & Instruction
Secretary - Gabriela McVay  925-552-2916
Christopher George
Director, Instruction (Secondary) 
Secretary - Tami Castelluccio  925-552-2949
Katie Witt
Director, Instruction (Elementary)
Secretary - Tiffany Marquez  925-552-5032
Hong Nguyen, EdD
Director, Educational Equity  925-552-5025
Secretary - Gabriela McVay - 925-552-2916
Kit Bragg
Director, Assessment Research & Evaluation 925-552-5069
Secretary - Tiffany Marrquez 925-552-5032
Ramaa Ravi - 925-552-5031
Technical Analyst
Jessica Coulson  925-552-2982
SEL & College & Career Readiness Coordinator
Deanna Zappia 925-552-5050
ELD/ELA Coordinator 
Sarah Acosta Landry 925-552-5026
Research, Evaluation & Student Support Coordinator
Jenny Hunau 925-552-5049
STEM Coordinator
Lauren Falkner 
Curriculum Coordinator
Kelly Hilton 925-552-2986
Instructional Technology Coordinator

Student Services Division

Dave Kravitz

Secretary - Helen Burrows 925-552-5052 
Sandy Cattarusa  925-552-5042
Enrollment Coordinator
Dia Mundle 925-552-5003
Foster and Homeless Youth Liaison

Special Education Division

Linda Rowley Thom
Executive Director/SEPLA
Secretary - Jenny Olden  925-552-2988
Amy Capurro
Secretary - Jenny Olden - 925-552-2988
Kate Nolda
Assistant Director
Secretary - Jenny Olden - 925-552-2988

SRVTIP  - Teachers on Special Assignment

Lydia Schneider   925-552-2948
Teacher Induction Program Co-Coordinator 
Nicole Padoan    925-552-2973
Teacher Induction Program Co-Coordinator
Ngoc Nguyen    925-552-5036
Teacher Induction Program