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Your voice matters!

As part of this plan development, we would like to gain insight from our students, staff, parents and caregivers about what is most crucial in supporting educational program needs, district goals, and student achievement. 
The knowledge and insight we gather in the survey will help to inform the long-range plans and future school facilities improvements.
Responses are confidential and will be used anonymously to share findings. 

Long Range Facilities Plan

The San Ramon Valley Unified School District has begun working on district-wide Campus Facilities Plan and Educational Specifications "design guidelines" to use as a strategic road map for our future, creating a Long Range Facilities Plan. The plan is a dynamic, long-term planning document that provides a visionary site plan to guide future expansion and communication for expressing the vision for our campuses.  

Raised Hands


Never doubt that a group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world.

Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.


~ Margaret Mead ~


The integrated design firm LPA Design Studios have partnered with San Ramon Valley USD (SRVUSD) to create a roadmap
for the next 15 years and beyond through a Districtwide Long-Range Facilities Development Planning process. The design
team has begun working on conceptual design through collaboration with SRVUSD’s educators and campus site admin.
SRVUSD is asking for the highest levels of community engagement to ensure all voices are heard.



In January 2023, San Ramon Valley Unified School District accepted nominations/applications from those interested to serve on the on the Long Range Facilities Plan committee.  
The Long Range Facilities Plan process will be used to identify long term demographic trends, assess current facilities conditions, and envision educational program opportunities in order to develop strategies that address these needs, and their impact to the school site facilities, in a comprehensive and thoughtful manner. This Facilities Plan will strive to align with and support the District’s Strategic Plan.
The Long Range Facilities Plan Commitee comprised of students, staff, parents/caregivers, community members, and community partners will meet five times from February 2023 through November 2023. All meetings will be from 6:00 - 8:00 pm in-person at various school sites around the district.
Meeting Dates/Presentations:

Meeting Dates/Presentations:

#1 - 2/06/2023 - If You Could Dream
#2 - 3/20/2023 - The Findings
#3 - 5/23/2023 - District Vision
September 2023 - Town Hall Series (info below) 
#4 - 10/05/2023 - Town Hall Debrief 
#5 - 11/30/23 - @ Los Cerros PDC